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You will find an array of articles, listicles, click bait pieces and videos by self styled experts life coaches, wellness counsellors and their ilk on how to sleep well, when to sleep, what is a good time to sleep etc. However, no one understands that life is not black and white. None of the experts consider factors like you are a family man, you have parents to tend to, demanding kids, siblings, a house to take care of, a boss on your head, awaiting you to complete the next deadline and other such routine life challenges which take up quite large chunk of your day’s time.


So today, as I heard another of these advices by a life coach, I was inspired to share with you four ways you can derive the maximum out of however long you get to sleep. I am not going to tell you the obvious – sleep for 8 hours, sleep at 10pm or get up at 4am. I want to rather help you maximise relaxation in whatever sleep you get. This, because many people I met on my recent travels revealed to me of their ideal 8 hours of sleep a day, yet feeling tired, fatigued, irritated and drowsy. Therefore, it is not about how long you sleep but how restful and relaxed your sleep is. Quality over quantity is what I want to say.


These suggestions will help you wake up fresh. So without much ado, here we go.


1) HEAVY MEALS NOT ALLOWED: Three hours prior to your sleep, you must be done with your last meal of the day. That meal must not be fried and oily stuff.


2) CAPUCCI – NO: For those who drink coffee like water, time to change my dears. In the five hour window before sleeping, you should forget coffee.


3) OUTSMART THE SMART PHONE: Yes your phone is your new life partner, the constant companion the bestie, the indispensable but it can become your arch nemesis as time draws nearer to your sleep at night. Switch off your cell phone an hour before bed time.


4) GO INSIDE BEFORE YOU CALL IT A DAY: Its a great idea to meditate before you sleep. Meditation is the best way to relax yourself before you enter the body recharge mode.


You can start with these meditations to assist you enhance the quality of relaxation in your sleep.





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  • Pujaa Bhatia
    May 2, 2022

    I am sincerely grateful to the founder of Yoga of Immortals-Ishan Shivanand and his team.During my Master of Education from Lakehead University, I scored A grades and was the first international student to do a Semester at York University ( again where I scored A grade) I faced non stop challenges of weather,culture,personal and professional and I overcame by sticking to Sleeping Meditation, My international friends, professors,also benefited holistic wellness and Great Success with this- I have no words to thank Ishan Shivanand and his empowering selfless team for everything

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