About Ishan Shivanand

Ishan Shivanand is an acclaimed mental health researcher, a professor with expertise in non-pharmaceutical non-invasive meditative modalities, and the Founder of Yoga of Immortals (YOI) programs.

Ishan’s employee and corporate YOI wellness programs help with stress and burnout reduction among youth and professionals, physician burnout prevention, injury prevention for international sports athletes, and building mental resilience among military personnel and veterans. These YOI mental wellness protocols are derived from the timeless ancient yogic wisdom and healing sciences of India and consist of a combination of breathwork, disease-preventive yogic techniques, and cognitive and emotional stimulation.

His programs have been scientifically proven to reverse anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and improve quality of life among 72-82% of test participants within 4-8 weeks of regular practice. These custom protocols have promoted healthy living in more than a million participants across 150 countries and been integrated into various government, healthcare, university, and corporate institutions.

Select International Awards and Recognitions

  • Recognized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, India for providing scientifically validated intervention for wellbeing
  • American Flag flown over the US Capitol by US Congress for contribution in stress reduction and mental wellness
  • American Flag presented by US Congress for efforts made to improve healthcare in USA & world
  • Proclamation of Ishan Shivanand Day by President of Borough of Brooklyn, NY for contributions in preventive and promotive healthcare
  • Recognition by President of the Senate NJ, USA for Holistic healthcare for global wellness
  • Appreciation by Canadian Ambassador for supporting mental health by YOI amidst pandemic
  • Ministry of Ayush, India commended his contribution to alleviate stress & anxiety via YOI
  • PMO Office and States Govt. of Haryana, Karnataka, Goa & Rajasthan, India, recognized his efforts in supporting India during COVID pandemic
  • Senator, NJ, USA recognized efforts in combating stress, and overcoming mental hardship

Scientific Research Publications

Reductions in anxiety, depression and insomnia in health care workers using a non-pharmaceutical intervention: Frontiers Front. Psychiatry Sec. Digital Mental Health.

Effectiveness of App-Based Yoga of Immortals (YOI) Intervention in Urinary Incontinence: The Journal of Urology, American Urological Association.

Intervention on depression and insomnia symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic: Annals of Medical Research and Practice (ANMRP).

Yoga of Immortals Intervention Reduces Symptoms of Depression, Insomnia and Anxiety: Frontiers Front. Psychiatry Sec. Digital Mental Health.

Effectiveness of App-Based Yoga of Immortals (YOI) Intervention for Insomnia in Asian Population during Pandemic Restrictions: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH).

Associations and Affiliations

YOI Mental Wellness Programs for healthcare workers delivered at:

YOI has partnered with international government agencies including:

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India

Ministry of Health and Wellness, Mauritius

Ministry of Youth & Sports, Mauritius

Department of Veterans Affairs, USA

Ishan Shivanand is currently collaborating with:

  • Visiting faculty of Integrative Yoga Therapy

Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research (SJICR), Bangalore, India


  • Head of Department of Yoga

Professor, 3-credit YBRT course (Yoga Based Resilience Training)

University of SiliconAndhra, California, USA


  • Faculty of Students Wellness

Neotech Institute Technology, Vadodara, India


  • Advisory on Students Wellness

Rungta Universities, Chhattisgarh, India


  • Director, Mental Health Initiatives of the Health Council

Wheels Global Foundation (an initiative of IIT Alumni), Virginia, USA


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