Inspiring good people to become great!

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Why be mediocre when you can be great? 


Once you are born on this planet, you do not have the option to be still. Everyone is compelled to perform some or the other action every minute of their waking life. Speaking is an action, writing is an action, eating is an action and even thinking is an action. So, you do not have a choice in this matter.

However, it is up to each one of us to decide how each action is performed and with what intention. Ishan believes that within each circumstance lies an opportunity for greatness, hiding in plain sight. He inspires us to constantly look for such opportunities and achieve greatness in the way we respond to every situation.

One of Ishan’s many mantras for success: “Meditate. Do good. Let Divinity Guide. Have faith. REPEAT.”





Saler & counselor for food & supplementation in Bio shop

“When i started to practice meditations taught by Ishan. in very short time i feel improvement in every segment of my life my first shivir program with Ishan. very deep experience i felt my consciousness start to rise very high. there were lots of emotions, release, which was buried deep in my heart, soul & mind. now i feel like i am reborn my heart is big and my smile is all over my face. very big thanks to my guru & Ishan since i started practicing his meditations, i am blessed with such divine energies that changed, better to say, healed relationship with my father and improved my family life. i’m becoming and transforming my personality and strive to be better and better every day. self confidence and courage are one of great things i got back. also, deeper divine experience i have from meditations helps me in daily life as in my “work” as teaching yoga. grateful for baba ji’s teaching and Ishan as great messenger of it.

We all enjoy every second of this Austrian family adventure and are grateful that our son, mark, got best presentation of shiv yog family and such lovely treatment from Ishan. we know that this was for him opening the door for great, complete life       thank you!”


Doctor (prime medicine)

Shivyog croatia, Varaedin croatia

“I thank you all miracles . What happened and what will happen in my life.

Every day in my life is infinite

Thank you ishan ji Thank you babaji Bless you

Namah shivay!


Corporate Security, Austrian Airlines


“To be so close to go was another big experience for me and the meditations you did with us were incredible, So high energy!

And family responsibility you want to give us (To hail up or Shiv Yog University in Austria) makes me speechless. Thank you thank you for the trust us.

Bless us that we even fulfill this job.”




“I first attended Ishan’s meditation workshop in 2010 year. Since that time, daily i practice his meditations which completely transform my personal, family, health life. From my point of view, teachings of self-realized master Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, meditation programmes, healing programmes, kind sewa activities are totally top and most inspirational and positive happening in the world.

Attending many of Ishan’s workshops, i received that my life has meanings. I realized that i have power within me to completely change any issue, emotional or family.

Ishan shows the path for all human beings and his teachings do not belong to any religion; it belongs to all of us. What Ishan teaches is a deep science of self apart from meditation and healing programmes. I recommend to all people who want to experience unique stand-up comedy by Ishan Shivanand who through his great sense of humor, heals all hearts and give direction how to live 100% worldly and 100% spiritual life. Meditation learnt from Ishan is my life and there is no possibilities to go back, only toward the light.

Gratitude to my guru and ishanji”


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