Corporate Wellness

Ishan uses a combination of ancient and modern methodologies to train professionals at the body, mind & heart levels with spectacular results.
While Ishan’s main focus is on grooming and developing the individual mentally, physically, and emotionally, the organization can also be educated on how to set up a work environment that fosters creativity and innovation by helping them tap into the hidden potential by accessing their subconscious mind.
If you are interested in learning how ancient techniques can be applied to modern situations to produce extraordinary results for your organization, please contact us. We are here to help you achieve your goals!

We look forward to craft an exclusive YOI protocol customized to your challenges, needs & time constraints. The modular protocols are flexible for in-person recurring sessions or Online program.

60 Minute Intro Program (Complimentary)

This program is an opportunity for your organization to have a first-hand experience of Ishan’s transformative processes.

Yoga of Immortals For Corporates

Yoga of Immortals has emerged as a powerful system for helping organizations enhance the performance of their employees.

180 Minute Transformational Program

This is an immersive three-hour program which includes breathwork and mindfulness practices presented in a friendly and easy to understand fashion with a healthy dose of humor.

1-Day/Multi-Day Deep Transformation Program

This is a longer, full-day program designed to equip attendees with powerful tools that they can use on a regular basis to develop mindfulness and enhance their performance.

Ongoing Continuous Learning Program

This program is ideal for organizations that wish to build a culture of wellness wherein mindfulness becomes a way of doing business.