As I awoke from my meditation in Baidyanath holy temple, Mahadev I witnessed complete solitude, not a soul was in sight, well not human at least.

After my mediation, I was pleasantly surprised to find a mother dog with her puppies before me. I looked at my watch to find what felt like a second was actually more then an hour and a half. The time spent with my lord had filled me with strength. Even in the silence I could feel all the wisdom of the world. Even in nothingness I felt surrounded by light. My every muscle was trembling with energy.  I felt like a child on the morning of his birthday, a time when the child knows something awesome was going to happen even though he may be oblivious to what it would be.


All the happiness I felt transformed into love towards those puppies. I started playing with them as if they were my own. My heart was filled with gratitude towards my Guru who had given me such profound knowledge. I was grateful towards the ancient saints who had built such magnificent temples for me to meditate in. I was thankful to the sages for writing great scriptures that help light my path.


As I was in such ecstasy I thought I should treat the puppies, I got up, dusted my fine clothing, as I was always trained to be at my finest when on a date with my infinite.


Filled with gratitude love and pride, I danced all the way to a small shanty to buy some bread and milk for the puppies. As I waited for the shopkeeper. Next to me sat three people dressed in rags. All from different parts of the world. Smoking a questionable joint. Smelling like distilleries. A crowd common to the Holy lands – nomads claiming to find themselves, not Through meditation or contemplation but by smoking all “botanical wonders” that forests have to offer.


One of them spoke, trying to keep his bloodshot eyes open, “There is no spirituality in India, it’s all fake, just an escape.” His peers barely understood his slurry words. In the end there were two groups – one high on inner light, in the form of the puppies and I, enjoying the bread and milk and there was the other group – high on external variants, cribbing on their travel choice.


The best part in their hearts they both felt they were right.
Choose your group wisely
Blessings, regards and gratitude