“Cutting Prarabdh in Kaliyuga can be an arduous task. If you go as per what is written in scriptures you will have to go through an uphill journey from Yam Niyam to all sorts of asceticisms. It is like reinventing the wheel. So that is where the Guru comes in. He makes the work easier for the seeker. The seeker doesn’t have to go through the monumental task of rebooting the inner consciousness, mastering the modalities and run from pillar to post to learn what inner unfoldement is all about. He just has to surrender and let the grace of the Guru do the needful.”

“The sadhna of Shiv Yog Prati Prasav is like restoring a smartphone to factory settings. When you opt for restoring smartphone to factory settings, its software becomes the same new-fangled one which the mobile set had when it was bought. All viruses, errors and bugs go away. This sadhna will help you attain that state of serenity and purity with which you were born, the state that predated your consciousness before it lost its way in the illusion of human life – Maya.”

“Scriptures are in reality not literature but realization. Reading them alone would not help. Achievement lies in realising what is the subliminal meaning behind the golden words.”

“In the good old days of my childhood, right before the exam, on the eve of the exam to be precise, no one had the patience or time to study the entire subject syllabus book. So we had something called ‘Kunji’ in Hindi or guidebook, basically an exam hack or exam cheat book. It had the gist of the book concerning directly with the exam. The essence simplified the complicated and made short work of what seemed like a Herculean task”