ibiWhy you should travel with an Enlightened Master

A traveller’s perspective on the quest for the final frontier of a spiritual seeker.

Before Charles Darwin wrote the evolution of species, he travelled the world. He went around in ships, observing different animals and diverse organisms. He catalogued what he found. And as he catalogued, he saw the similarities between these organisms and human beings.
The animals existed way before Charles Darwin’s hypothesis but because he travelled, he could see, he could define and he could catalogue. Hence, Darwin was seen and hailed as somebody very intelligent whereas he was just a traveller who saw the knowledge and brought it back to his native land. The same can be said about Christopher Columbus. It is said that he found different trade routes, lands and continents and so many things that when he returned to his place of origin, he was hailed as somebody very intelligent and so very unique. But the truth was that all of what he saw existed beforehand. Columbus just found it. Similar is the story of Marco Polo. China already had the knowledge but Marco Polo found it, brought it back and because he came back in a land where nobody had seen anything, all were like the proverbial frog in the well. Marco Polo was the only one who had seen beyond the well and he was hailed by the world as a visionary. Another case study The is of the monks of india. The demon king, Raavan who led a perseverant life in his formative years, travelled from Lanka to Kailash to pray to Lord Shiva, may be because in Kailash he found a perspective which he could never have in Lanka and he evolved into something noteworthy, something significant.
In another instance, Buddhist Monks from India travelled to China. Even the martial arts from India travelled to Shaolin and ironically, in South India, martial art is not as popular, but in Shaolin, the martial art has boomed so much. And all this you can thank travel for.
In ancient times, the one who travelled would be a visionary. If you look at the whole world today, it is colonised by pioneers. Pioneers were the people in the society who had a vision to see more, the persons who thought that there was more to life, more to land than what we can see and they were the ones who broke out of their comfort zone, broke out from the land and travelled to new destinations. If it wasn’t for the pioneers, we would have all been living in Africa or a remote place in Europe or we would have been living in a small part of India. And may be because the pioneers existed, now the whole world, every single inch of the world is colonised. As of today, the pioneers are looking towards space – the final frontier. They are looking to head to the moon, they are looking to find answers from space.
Just like there were the pioneers of the body, the pioneers of physical space and time, in the same way, the Rishi-Munis were the pioneers of self-discovery and they found that the more they travelled, the easier it became to find the self, to discover the self. The same thing I too discovered in my life when I lived in an ashram. I was also like a frog in the well. I was also experiencing a unique unfoldment. Just when I thought that I had mastered life, the whole world was different and I was among the most unique people that ever lived. Baba ji threw me out of the ashram, he told me to travel, to see the world, get a sane view else the knowledge would be limited, the knowledge would be theoretical and there would be no practicality in the knowledge. The more I travelled, I found that the world is similar. If we see the larger picture, every single country has the same local shops, every single country has the same cultural clothes, same brands, same fast food – there is no difference except language and skin colour. The emotions are the same, the problems are the same. I found out that we all may be divided by boundaries of the country but every single human being is the same and the more I travelled, the more affinity I felt towards humanity, the more motivated I felt towards doing the good work that I did. This was my experience. This is what helped me discover myself and then spread Shiv Yog around the world. The same I saw before me in my Guru. Everybody finds a life according to his own consciousness but you still have to find it. And I think this is the reason why Baba ji travels. He could have easily sat at one place, he could easily have made a typical ashram and he could have easily invited the people to the ashram or just take the wisdom and go. But Baba ji chose to continuously travel and I feel that he travelled because all the young men that are around him, he wants them to, may be, at one point of their life travel with him. And that is what I suggest – get a direction in life, get a vision in my life, just like all the Rishi Munis of the past, like all the explorers of the past who travelled. And since they travelled, the one thing they got was a vision, a perspective and that knowledge suddenly made them revolutionary in the land where they lived and which they explored. That is probably why Baba ji is also traveling from country to country till date. That is why Baba ji chooses exotic places to take his shivirs because it is there that people from around the world get this inspiration to grow exponentially. When you have seen the world, experienced everything, you will find that you will gain maturity, gain experience and will never judge. You accept because you will know. And that is why I suggest to all the parents. Look at Baba ji’s schedule. Let the youth find which country Baba ji is. Let the youth go there, let the youth do the shivir, let the youth meditate at that place with Baba ji and then let the youth explore. Even if you are the one reading this piece right now, even you can have that power, that vision, the perspective, think of it as a spiritual & educational holiday. See where Baba ji is right now and if you can grab the opportunity for a few weeks or a month, travel with Baba ji. See the world through his eyes, see where he is going, participate with him, again reset your perspective. Then when you will come back to your life, you will find that you have evolved, you are a visionary. The ways of the Gurus are mystical – you need to evolve to really understand. If you don’t know what farming really is, look at a farmer. The very singular viewpoint you will feel is that the farmer is mad. He is taking a shovel and he is just hitting the ground again and again. If a person doesn’t know, he will look at the farmer and will think him to be a mad man. The person will think that there is no point digging the same ground again and again. It is like digging a grave in the ocean – pointless endeavour. But what you see as madness has actually a method or is actually a method itself. It is a pattern. There is a method to his madness, there is a configuration in this chaos. The farmer is actually preparing the land, the farmer is readying the field. Only then can the farmer sow the seeds. Look at a bee. A bee is going from one flower to the other. You may feel that the bee is mad. The bee is rustic, the bee is crazy. You may question as to why it is going from one flower to the other. When the bee sits on one flower, it picks up the pollen and it moves to the next flower and that leads to pollination, that leads to genetic diversity, that leads to evolution. In the same manner, the Siddha Gurus of Shiv Yog are the BEES of the modern world. They pick up knowledge nectar from one part of the world and put it to spiritual use for another part of the world, leading to knowledge diversity, knowledge evolution. It is the pollination of the knowledge, because the Guru is the one who picks up the eastern learnings and puts it in the west. The Guru is the one who picks up the western technology and puts it in the east. And what we find is something very romantic. It is something very delicate. A blend of knowledge, culture and technology. It is because of these Gurus that the ‘pioneering’ in wisdom has taken place. Like the bees, these Gurus pollinated and made the garden of life so fragrant and beautiful. These Gurus are the ones who made the world a better place because they take this knowledge and they spread it. Everywhere they go, whatever they find, they spread. Nothing remains localized. Everything becomes global. That is the way of the Guru. That is the method to his madness. If a person wants to learn, he must travel with his Guru. He must take out the time in his life and this time should not be the time to laze. This time should be seen as an evolutionary time. it is the time when you will sharpen your sword. I suggest every single human being, at least a few weeks in a year, take out time just to travel with your Guru. See where the Guru is going, whichever country he is in, whichever city he is in, you must go there, sit there, learn from that country, learn from your Guru in that country because you will find that just like water changes its form when it is put in a pot or when it is put in a plate or when it is put in the ground, you will find that even the Guru will change his form. You will find that in every country you will not find your Guru in the same form but in a different avatar. So go there, see the different worldview of your Guru, learn and then move ahead. You will find that in every other country, your Guru, like water, has changed his form and he will give you the knowledge, the perspective, which you have never found before, which you can never even think or dream of having. And these few weeks of travel in a year you will find that you will evolve to become superhuman, your consciousness will evolve, you would be a superman walking amongst animals, you would be visionary in a society that is blind because travel is not about selfies, travel is not about rating and reviews, travel is not about checking in location on Facebook, travel is not about getting drunk and lying on the beach. Travel is about learning. And to learn, you must travel with the one who is wise. So if you have travelled by your definition, and have seen the world, you have seen NOTHING. Wait until you travel with your Guru because with him is the world which is beyond the world you see. The world that we see is a world that is not unique. It is dissimilar. It may be the same country, the same city, the same clothes, same food, but beyond this world is a ‘Narnia’, a magical, mythical place with a magical, mythical vision. And this place can only be seen with the one who has the key. that special category is that of the Wise Men – the BEES, known as Siddhas, the Gurus pollinating the world, bringing diversity to culture. Travel with them and see a world of Shiv Yogis. See a world so divine, so mystic, so powerful, a world within a world, a world worth saving, a world worth protecting. This is a world of Shiv Yog. See it. Feel it. Explore it. Travel. Grow. Evolve. Your Guru is waiting. And right now he has the power. He is travelling. This is not a permanent agenda. This has its expiry. So if now you have something, do not take it for granted. With your Guru, plan, experience and grow.

Bless you! Namah shivay See you where Baba ji will be next!