Meditation is a rage. Meditation is ‘in’. Meditation is a trend. All successful recipes of success have inculcated meditation as an ingredient. I too meditate, being born in a lineage where meditation ran in our blood and everything that the external world is or is not capable of giving, we could create, going within. So today I give you five solid reasons to make meditation an essential part of your daily lifestyle.


You should meditate for these 5 tangible reasons besides the intangible ones. But let’s leave the latter for some other day.

1. FOCUS MORE, BE A GOOD SELECTOR: It helps you concentrate better in a world full of second-by-second distractions. So if the world gives us a million stimuli to act upon – Facebook feed to WhatsApp chats, shopping discounts to money allurements. Digressions galore. Meditation helps you make the wise decisions out of the plethora of choices you are presented with.


2. HELPS YOU RELAX: So if we are running a bad mood, of course we have our pillows to blame, the smartphone beeps, the TV show which triggered our sentimental centres, the atrociously cooked dinner or whatever your excuse. However, blame game doesn’t help, or does it? That is why you must meditate because the latter will a) Help you be happy in all states and b) Help you relax better and deeper and c) Never let you wallow in self pity or blame game and d) Assist you in keeping your energy levels elevated


3. LOVING FAMILY LIFE: If you are stressed out, the one unit which gets most affected is your clan, you near and dear ones. You don’t want to do that. So meditate more so that any baggage or burden you may be carrying on the emotional or mental front may be unravelled peacefully in a welcome contrast to it being expunged by way of you venting it out on someone close to you, someone who matters. A person who is stress free is a boon for his family.


4. RESPOND RATHER THAN REACT: An impulsive human being will become a prisoner of his own emotions. So any slightest of pokes and he will be rattles. Meditation helps you avoid such a fluster. As you go deep within, you become more collected and cool and your perspective to life becomes more phlegmatic. So moles don’t become mountains and situations don’t affect you as much as they would have or could have had you not integrated yourself within.


5. NOT BE AN EMOTIONAL FOOL: Let’s admit it years of soap operas and tear jerking cinema has made us live a life of celluloid. We do get carried away in emotions and end up undermining the flow and pace of our journey. Meditation helps you become emotionally robust, guards you against emotional slippages and finally, meditation helps you assess situations objectively, in a more calibrated fashion to be your best ‘decision-maker’ and ‘problem-solver’.