Who is a champion?

The one who can make a lake for everyone, deep in the heart of the mountains. Maybe the mother who can console her son after a defeat. Maybe it’s God for making the whole world.

For like everything there is a mirror to everything, a reverse reflection. To light there is darkness, to heaven there is hell.

So what defines a champion?

Someone who is stronger then his mirror. The light that is brightest to eradicate the darkness. The heaven which takes over even the hell. The strong that is willing to be stronger.

Where is your champion?

Maybe it your mother cooking for you so you may need not go hungry, maybe it’s your father working so you may focus on your study, maybe it’s your Guru, so you may burn your karma or maybe it’s your brother who will work harder still for you listen to your heart and pull all strings to make sure a 50 doesn’t become a 100 so you can focus on your Sadhna

Choose your champ
Love your champ
Help your champ
Give power to your champ
Love you bless you
Namah shivay