Many seekers in this world are eager to know whether there is a line between positivity and overconfidence.

I want to say that do we need a line of differentiation? Do we really need to know the line? In fact, is there actually a line of distinction between being good and believing that you are good?

To me it is a dubious legacy from the colonial hangover. We were slaves for the longest time and then the mentality stay put, so much so that even after so many generations, we are hesitant to feel confident about ourselves. We think twice about being happy about the genuine qualities we possess. Why should there be so much of an underwhelming perspective to our own self. We don’t need to be so harsh on ourselves.

Here I suggest developing the “brand you”. Start a routine of meditation and create good health, happiness and success for yourself.

There will be many spiritual guides who will give you dependency on concepts, some who will give you extra knowledge, a few who will make you dependent and rare who would give you empowerment.

Today companies are selling us anything by lending a value to any product, even if it does not hold as much value. We need to learn from this brand culture. We have undervalued ourselves for far too long. Even if we want to believe that we are good, our mental barriers prevent us from embracing that belief. It is thus a need of the hour to learn that it is okay to self praise if it boosts our confidence. It is not a sin to elevate ourselves in our own eyes.

Those aware of Lord Hanuman would know how he had forgotten his true powers and had to be reminded who he really was. Until that reminder, he thought he was a very ordinary person. Sounds familiar? Yes this is your story, this is our story. That is how we have started to be. But henceforth I will urge you to start believing that you are Hanuman, mistakingly identifying yourself as a humble monkey.