We have to earn our dreams, we must understand that we deserve to be invested upon. We invest in Mega corporations day in and day out. If I just tell you to calculate how much you spent on overpriced coffee last year or how much on takeaway unhealthy foods or how much money just loafing around in a mall and you will find the bill will run into thousands of dollars but if the same amount I tell someone to invest in himself, he will become uneasy.

Forget the same amount, let us assume I say invest 100 dollars on yourself for a year and if one says that’s too much, it just shows one feels that his own self is a bad investment, a bad debt.

For, this person is ready to give five dollars for a coffee, he is ready to spend a couple of hundred on a night out in town but when it comes to his own self, he starts to find reasons to break the deal.

This is pure delusion! You look at a body and appreciate it and desire it, yet ignore how much time or money has gone in this endeavour.

Everything requires an investment and if for one’s dreams one can’t even spend 100 dollars per year, that’s less then 2 dollars per week then maybe that man does not deserve his dreams.

I don’t know how can such a man claim the blood of the sages who’s prime purpose in life was to invest in oneself, after all what was Tapasya if not an investment.

A person who says he can’t invest in books or meditation or seminars or workouts is the same man who will spend oodles on quick fixes, maybe even bling. As such a person will gift wrap himself in brands knowing what is inside is hollow.

You either buy wrapping paper or you invest in the gift.

I just want to remind you maybe in this world constructed by marketing whose prime fuel is to Instil self doubt, we too have learnt to doubt ourself.

Maybe somewhere we have started to think ourself as a bad debt.

But this is not true you are worth it.

The more you invest in your body the more you invest in your mind the more you invest in your knowledge the more it will grow.

Your cloths won’t make you better, your coffee won’t evolve you but your knowledge will define you.

Your diamonds will lose value the moment you buy them, your clothes become worthless when you wear them. It is only through the knowledge that you acquire can you become capable to make millions.

Believe in yourself.

So choose the right avenues of investment.

You are born a seed give yourself the water.

You deserve it
Love you
Bless you