I remember when I was a child I would look at my father and compare him with the sun. For, the sun picks up moisture, the water never reaches it. The sun never takes, just redistributes. From a land of plenty to a land parched, the sun helps the storm clouds form, spreads the water far and wide and the land thirsty appreciates the gift. For, in water there is life.In the same manner, I would see my guru as a pioneer, a beacon of hope and light for people in far off lands. As, in my country I saw so much knowledge, so much spirituality so much wisdom, so much ancient. And the Avdhoota, like the sun, would transfer, take the wisdom to all corners of the world, redistribute it as far as he could.The world needs such men, some one has to do it. For, human emotion doesn’t discriminate. Whatever our geographical location, whatever rock we worship, whatever book we read, we all smile at our children, we all laugh when happy, cry when sad. We all love our family and try to live a life of dignity but most of all, we all, at one point or the other in life develop a deep spiritual thirst, we feel a longing that can be only fulfilled by diving within. And hence, like a man mad with thirst searches water, we too seek revelations, masters and Mystics.
Many fail and plunge into the dark abyss of negativity and sorrow but a lucky few find such men who help restore their dignity and their self. And then comes relief, growth. For, no longer does one live to heal the negative but a life of positive creation. For, only when wounds heal can one develop the body. After a lifetime of neutrality, when one starts to see growth, one is elated, ecstatic as one rides the wave of divine grace and miracles manifesting. And as the dream turns real, one, content remembers who it was that helped, whose wisdom was the lifeboat in the storms of life and then he looks back at the guru. The man who left the comfort zone and warmth of his home and travelled far and wide listening to the cries of fallen heroes, braving and conquering the boundaries to remind us we are not alone, someone cares, someone is willing to make the journey. For, that sun knows that even though a dying plant may seem petite and puny, but if water reaches it, it will become a gigantic tree having the power to feed the generations.
Someone must never forget that plant. For, one day this plant may be a ssnctuary itself to countless lives. Hence, one may ask what motivates the man travelling far and wide, what draws the crowds to his soothing presence, what the eyes cannot see, the heart feels and heals. For, in the crowd there are few who, now through the guru, finally have the hope and drive to overcome their shortcomings. For, all need the fuel to drive their souls to full potentiality. The water redistributed. The gurus work done. For, like the sun, he loves all.
Perception beyond prejudice, beyond boundaries, unconditional love. For, the world does not need men sitting under trees in forest. For, such acts would be deemed selfish to nature. God will ask I gave you many resources and you hoarded, remained content under a tree as the world burned.
No, today we need men of action. Men who don’t care for their days and nights. For them, happiness comes from giving hope to the needy. Men who can lift the world from the filters of invisible boundaries and unite the nations in love of peace and divine. Men who are willing to make the hard choices and take the whole humanity in their circle as a family.I follow such men. To shine their light, I travel. For, I am young. I cannot be weary. For, I must be worthy of his name. His passion is awe-inspiring for age never stopped him, hurt never mattered, distance was never a challenge, language no barrier and if he continues so must I. For, he is the sun whose light I follow.
My father, my guru, my Shivanand.I pray, let his light shine in all our lives.
Let his light make it rain in our hearts Let his actions be fruitful His love accepted His sacrifice appreciated His healing received Blessings and love to all my family under the blue sky
For, if he chooses to be father to all that makes me brother to all.
I bow down to the God awakening in all my brothers Namah shivay!