Gratitude , acceptance and blessing will help one calm the self.

The First step is to become aware of all that I am thankful for ,it may be tough at first but I am sure one may be able to think of a few things.

The second step is to accept all that is around the self. All the relations with animate or inanimate objects. Denial or judgement may sound delicious as ignorance is always bliss but remember Only Acceptance may lead to change that one truly craves. One is always either busy hating that which is wrong or loving that which seems right. The mind judges yet the heart suffers.

Finally comes blessings. Blessings to all under the blue sky. Blessings to man and beast .
Like the earth shares everything let your heart be open to all. We may never control the sun or the moon, others will walk as they wish but we have control on how we feel. In blessing others one rewards his own self for the pot that serves water is first to receive the drink.

The mind will calm as the heart returns to its true nature. Just like a fish is content in water and panics when taken out So to a Heart suffers when filled with hate. Set your heart free tonight.
Invoke your creator and surrender like a child melts to the maternal warmth
Gratitude acceptance and blessings
Let the Angels heal you tonight
Let the wise guide you in your dreams

Love you bless you