I never really understood my mother till the time I had my own child. My heroes were always men, always the one in the battlefield strong and aggressive. I could never back then understand the subtleties of nature for I always looked at the strong hard tree not realising that even the sky touching tree comes from the humble delicate flower.

Think of all your heroes, all your gods and all your saints, think of my guru, where did they come from? Who gave them birth? Who was the one taking care of these legends when they could not even hold their necks and you will find behind every great man there truly is a woman and that woman is his mother.

I witnessed my wife when she was pregnant and how much care a mother must put, what she must sacrifice for the sake of the child that is still unborn. How beautiful this love, how pure. We say saints should be respected for they love a god. They have not seen. Is it not similar to the love of a mother who adores the unseen life within like the Saint loves the gods within? Does that not make your mother your first guru?

I witnessed the pain of childbirth when the mother must break her body to bring life on this planet and then immediately she must forget her pain and start nursing the baby. True heroism and courage much like the tails of my heroes but the tail of my first Heroine remained unsung for so long. I witnessed how the mother must sacrifice her sleep, her previous life and like super heroes take on the mantle of motherhood to nurture life itself. But unlike a superhero who has his alter ego, a mother never leaves her mantle. A mother remains a mother forever even though children may outgrow her.

I am strong now I can protect myself yet I see in my mothers eyes the same concern with which she saw me when I was a child and I wonder what did I do to deserve such love.

In her eyes I am the most beautiful human being. Her thoughts empower me to become better.

Remember, you will have many relations but only one mother. Your mother who is your first friend, your first guru, your first love.

If you are lucky enough to have her physical presence, then pamper her. If she has left the body then remember her and honour her memories through your action.

If you have a guru or God then today thank their mothers for they are the guardians and creators of all life.

Let’s make today about your mother. She is the closest you will ever get to experiencing the physical unconditional nature of God.

Her love is the window to true love.

Today treat your most special girl to the most extravagant salute of gratitude you can summon from the depths of your subconscious.

Do it now, do it today. You never know till when she will hold your hand. She will, till she can in her own way and maybe even after she goes she will bless you.

Why wait till one day when you will miss. Let today be for her.

Whomsoever is reading this, whatever your age , whatever your religion, whatever your colour, know this that your mother loves you and you have the power to make her the happiest women on earth.

She gave you life and yet you are the reason she lives.

Love your mother

Accept your mother

Thank your mother

Bless your mother

And even in doing so you help yourself as when you accept her, you accept yourself for is she not within you as you? 😊
Love you bless you
Namah shivay