What have you ever done for someone ?
You treated your friends ,you held lavish dinners , you surprised spouses, you gifted things to your parents.

Now I ask you , why did you do this?
It’s not as if your mother won’t know if you don’t tell her how much you love her or your son would have disowned you if you had not gifted him the latest PlayStation VR. You make an effort as it gives you happiness. You make an effort to make a point. Point being that you appreciate the good in your life.

Now I appreciating out of cause is good but what is really wonderful ?
When out of no reason at all someone comes to you and gives you a complement you are most elated. When out of no occasion your spouse treats you ,you are pleasantly surprised. When out of need someone provides it is a payment where as when out of love one surprises it is happiness.
Hence time to time we surprise just to remind that we love. When there is no need but a want to express ones feeling.

That is what divides humans from animals, an animal is bound by biological needs yet a humans transform with emotional wants.
So when today I say SMILE ! One may ask why ? There is no reason. This is precisely my point, to smile without reason is to be truly divine.
Why just use our smiles as payments to conclude uncomfortable social protocols ?
Today have a big heart. Surprise people. Gift them a few smiles out of generosity of your being.
Let’s make today about surprises.
Let’s thank without cause.
Let’s laugh without jokes
Let’s praise without expectation
Let’s gift without occasion
Let’s cheer without spectacle
Let’s pray without fear
Let’s dance without song
Let us today become truly human.
You and I , we live for surprises, let us gift the only thing worth gifting to the world. The gift of the self.
The greatest present gifted without ceremony or applause is what the world thirsts for today.
Just like God gifted the planet saints and surprised humanity with wonder and awe let’s celebrate our existence and surprise our loved ones with gratitude and appreciation.
Smile today and the world will smile with you
Love you
Bless you
Namah shivay

Ps- this picture was taken today during the nectar of life shiver, Europe