There was a time when words meant something, a saints’ spoken word used to be a vardan, a king’s words would result in war and a lover’s words meant a promise.

Today words are hollow, threats are empty, promises are nothing but political agenda. Even some saints speak ony what people would like to hear.

Pen may have been mightier than sword once, words may have led to revolutions as there was a sincerity in communication. One had to live with one’s decisions. A hundred years ago when one would challenge a man’s honor, one would immediately be introduced to an unsheathed sword. Therefore, one had to carefully vet all emotions before giving words to thought. Our strongest tool has being our words – the tool we have forgotten to use, the tool we must now more than ever sharpen.

When I used to practice martial arts, there used to be many fighters, each boast had to be followed with action and demonstration. Just like the princes of satyug had to display their prowess before each ceremony, displaying their valour and strength from a swayamwer to a coronation, even I, as a student in my father’s Gurukul, had to “put up or shut up”. This led to a very different upbringing. I became very soft. There was no lose talk for each word had to be met with a price. No threats were ideal, no blessings were mere words, each promise was kept as each word needed tapasya to fuel its fire. The more advanced my study became, the more I began to realize the imperative and unequaled position, control plays at position of power. I remember my master would have me spar with young novices, I knew I could break their bones easily yet I needed them to learn and hone their skills at the same time. I realized more than them, it was a lesson for me, as I realized it was easier to let go while throwing a punch than trying to modulate and control one’s own power. I had to use double the strength to control my body, to not hurt my opponent whereas to destroy, it came easy. Soon I realized this lesson had infinite applications. Control is symbiotic to power, whereas power without control leads to doom.

Baba ji loves Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. He would always tell me to bow before the great man. Such is the wonder of that divine being that all his power, resources and teachings are to spread peace and love amongst humanity. Once in Mount Abu, I met the divine Dadis of the Brahmakumari Ashram. They were the epitome of unconditional love and acceptance. They stood tall as mountains amongst all men, such humbleness such silence.

The lesson was simple – little power leads to fear and anger. Hence, what is little must be protected whereas infinite power leads to infinite love and compassion for only such a being can purely unconditional love and wisdom – the one who is connected to the source. A true Saint will never trample, will never create hate through his words for a true Saint is like the sun, blessing and guiding all under the blue sky. Baba ji wanted to teach me that light adds to light whereas darkness subtracts light and all the real eminent saints of today always bless and love all that is divine and saintly. Preservation needs true power. How to know if one is with the right teacher or path? Simple, listen to the teachings. And if while listening one feels anger or disgust towards other sects or people with other beliefs, know that path to be false, but if after listening to one’s guru, ones heart opens to all humans and animals, one feels peace, then understand and acknowledge that you have found the right path. A charlatan feeds the ego and the intellect through hollow words whereas the wise through actions destroy the ego and open ones heart. I know in today’s cyberworld how easy it is to abuse sitting protected behind a computer screen like a drug addict’s current hit leads to an empty euphoria knowing the body will soon seek another high, a deluded person sustains his destructive emotional addictions on hate. Once, only the most revered had a voice but today anyone has the power to reach anyone through technology, leading to the most important question – What will prevail; darkness or light? The answer is simple, that which you support will win. It is easy to trample a flower yet to make it grow needs great persistence. It is easy to traumatize a child yet to navigate a child towards balanced adulthood requires patience. It’s easy to criticize someone’s divinity, yet to create a world of brotherly love requires humility. It won’t be easy, for I have learnt that control requires more power than unleashing. Remember at these trying times that you are human and not a beast, a beast surrenders to its base desires whereas a human surrenders to the wisdom of God. The real strategy is in preserving and protecting innocence. The civility of society may be directly proportionate to the years of innocence preserved in a child. The sooner a child loses innocence to realize the harshness of reality the more barbaric the society and the longer innocence can be maintained, the more civilized that society. Satyug being that society where even at the time of death one carries childlike wonder. Only those may enter the kingdom of heaven – the ones who hold within a heart pure as a child’s. The harsh desert needs a cloud, a cloud being a symbol of hope and rain. A cloud bringing respite in its shade. I pray to you, become a desert cloud to your family and all brothers in spirituality. Choose your words carefully. Show power through action and sustain it through self control. Who knows this solitary cloud may end up creating a holy oasis beneath its wondrous shade.

Love you.

Bless you

Namah Shivay