Who hasn’t gorged on Burritos or Rajma Chawal or spicy biryani at night and not regretted in the morning? So many times the sins of our night affect the routines of the A.M. Now imagine you are going to work, you are in a lift with your colleagues and suddenly last night’s food declares war resulting in you having an urge to release gas. You use every muscle in your body to hold it in. It is a war against the self and time. You start counting floors as the lift ascends. Your muscles cramp, yet with great determination you do not let go. You pass on fake smiles to your colleagues for only you know the stress you are in. Finally the lift stops and you dash to outside to find a secluded corner and let go the fart you had held with great power, happy you stroll back to your cubicle with a sense of achievement that at least you didn’t fart in front of your peers, glad that no one knows of your turmoil and happy that you are maintaining the standards by which society may judge you. Yet the fact is if you don’t change your eating habits sooner or later the fart will slip out and maybe the next time what if you’re in a meeting or in a life changing interview then what will you do?

It’s amazing how many of us live our lives in the same manner, the only difference – instead of farts that arise out of unhealthy food, we suffer from stress arising from unhealthy habits. We live our life holding in our frustration, anxiety, fears and anger all day while we work, passing around fake lols and laughs while struggling to push in our troubles only to go back home, our safe place, to let out a dangerous gaseous volley of our emotions that can become toxic to our family and self.

Society is happy as long as we can be high functioning individuals by day. Who cares if the same people may be alcoholics or depressed or stressed at night?

Hence, our well-being lies only in our hands. We must save ourself from the vicious fart phenomenon. Here are four ways you can smile from the inside as well as the outside

0. Work to live and not live to work
Set a time – Lay down rule that if you must work, it has to be from x hour to y hour. it should not be twenty four hours. When the y hour comes, switch off the tech. Your eyes can do so much more then just read emails.

0. Develop a hobby
All the most successful people that I have ever met have hobbies that challenge and stimulate artistic, athletic or cognitive capacity of our being. Read a book, color a picture or just run a mile, it will help you befriend yourself.

0. Spend time with your family
If we think we barely spend time with our families. By time I don’t mean when all are on dinner tables with nose buried in phones but actual time when you listen and talk, love and laugh, play and smile. No one ever remembers the viral WhatsApps when old but they all remember the time spend with the loved ones.

0. Meditate now
All inventions, all literature and all art comes from within our mind. If we spend all time looking outwards and none going within then we may understand the past inventions but may never create anything new. Meditation is how we understand the true depths of our being. Meditation is how we sharpen our intellect. So come what may, dedicate some time everyday to become the best version of yourself so that you smile like you mean it. 😊