My father taught me no work is big or small.

He taught me everyone is working hard in the best way they possibly can to provide for the people they love.

No man can claim superiority over others, over one’s profession for work is but a part of one’s life. Some work chosen and some expected. Some work destined whereas others gifted.

He said one must respect all work and he made me understand this by assigning me all works under the blue sky.

For months I was the sweeper in the ashram cleaning away other people’s filth. For months I was a cook preparing food for people I didn’t even know. I have been a writer and a teacher. I have been a Gardner and a farmer. I was a librarian and a student, a assistant and a driver. I have even been pilot and studet of psychology. I am a father and a husband and even a son.

In each work I did I realized the feelings are same, there is always a sense of responsibility and a sense of duty. Each time I had people depending on me, for even a doctor may depend on the nurse and the nurse dependent on the janitor.

Now life has made me a teacher of spirituality and meditation. I help people come close to their god and even though I take pride and joy in my work I understand I am not better then anyone but all are the same and all are special.

Hence, never shy from any job for that is what it really is ,it is just a job, a way to complete a task to accomplish a greater goal.

Respect all who do what you cannot or want not and be whatever you can if it helps someone , may it be a clown to give happiness to a child.

Love you bless you
Namah Shivay