If one listens to Arjuna then Krishna becomes God but if one listens to the words of Shishupala then even God becomes a crook.

One sees but a reflection of oneself before him even if the mirror is the almighty himself.

Every messiah, every angel and every Guru shines the light hence providing discomfort to the dark. The darkness always feels itself to be right and honest, the darkness sees itself to be a victim of the light. Just like a mosquito drinking one’s blood may be swatted without remorse lest risk disease or death, so too the darkness has to be vanquished for there to be light. The light is not eradicating darkness, it is in its nature to illuminate, there is no personal vendetta towards the darkness nor there can be a coexistence hence the discomfort in the heart of the evil. The evil will always prophesise the downfall of the good, evil will always scream it’s the truth, preaching to the uninitiated, evil will always want conflict.

This will never change. This is not in our control yet one thing we do control and this is the most important thing to control.

For if you choose to control this, then you control the outcome of the battle between good and evil within yourself.
What remains supreme is your choice.

Choose well. The divinity will always find a way. The light will always survive. For all may perish but God remains the source, unknowingly in destroying the fruit evil unleashes the seed within, creating millions of divine fruits.

You choose whom you wish to lend your ears. You choose with whom you wish to spend your time. You choose your company. Your company will guide you and program you. A divine company leading to a divine and motivated future and an evil company leading to disastrous consequences. Both good and evil have the power to motivate you.

Both will make you feel like a victim or a victor. Krishna stands waiting now it’s our turn to choose Arjuna or shishupal. Choose well. For it is the only choice that matters. Your each friend matters. Your company matters. Rather to be alone then with a pack of wolves for alone the moon shines brightest, surrounded by a sea of stars. Never compromise when it comes to friends. For, good men will propel you toward the light and bad, like crabs in a tank, will be happier to pull you down.

Shiva loves you.
God loves you.
Guru loves you.

Love them back.

Bless you love you
Namah Shivay