Take away culture from society and humans become robots. Culture is the essence, it is the fragrance and beauty of any society. And like a flower needs a gardner to help it blossom so too culture needs people of passion and good hearts to help it remain and prosper. It is these people who are the soul of a country as they respect and understand the needs of all the people who elected them to govern the society towards peace and prosperity. These are the true leaders of humanity as they understand what it is that truly makes us human. So wherever they see a sparkle of peace, irrespective of any prejudice, they sustain and motivate it. These leaders are what truly make a nation great as in there rule, hope, innocence and creativity can shine brightly.What makes a nation great are the good people leading humanity to a better tomorrowI had the honour to meet some of these great leaders. I was mesmerized by their charm and zeal but most of all by the respect they gave me. The meeting left me emotional and motivated to do more for humanity. I thought what I did was enough but listening to them, I realized there is so much more that I can give back to the world. They had left a impact on me. The essence of a true leader.


These people were
Mike Fitz Patrick, Congressman, Bucks County, FA
George Maragos, Comptroller, Nassau County
James Garner, Deputy Comptroller, Nassau County
Dilip Chauhan, Director, South Asian Affairs, Nassau County
I would also like to give a special thanks to Anna Kaplan, Councilwoman, Town of North Hempstead, Nassau County, for I thought such compassion can only be spread by saints I thank all of these great man for acknowledging the work of my Guru and teaching me that one must go beyond the shell of the body to see the beauty in one’s heart. The world would be beautiful if all leaders were such.I salute all and the God within all.
Namah shivay