The sun will shine everyday.
The rain will wet all soil
Life will remain random
Except when the crop
Grows where the farmer toils.

My mother would sing this to me every night teaching me that even the universe bends to the will of the one willing to persevere. She taught me that humans are the only species with this power all else bow down to the laws of nature, but we can change the environment and harness the elements in whichever way we deem fit. She taught me about the five elements and how we utilize them how man has become master of them to some extent. I was pleased, I was content .

Then came my father. He talked about an element unseen, unheard yet felt by all. The divinity from which we all arise. The energy which gives birth to all matter. The light which originates from our hearts in the form of prayer and worship connecting us to the infinite. The best part was when he too taught me that even this element bends to the human will. God and guru both can be harnessed, the infinity of the universe can be invoked and given direction for the betterment of humanity. Just like Bhagirath invoked Ganga for all mankind.

We can harness the light? Yes we can. I realise this now. Yes the guru loves unconditionally to all like the sun shines everywhere but just like the crop only grows where the land is prepared. So too I see at some places the fruits of Shiv Yog are immense. And one such place where Shiv Yog has grown to its supreme potential is the great nation of South Africa. Just like any other country, even here Shiv Yog started in a room, as a thought, as a desire, a dream in the hearts of few connected with their guru. Maybe they too never would have thought what the beautiful chain reaction they would be starting, maybe they never would have imagined how many people they would end up helping how many mouths they would feed, how many hearts they would fill with light, but most off all a time when they would call and their guru would come on the most special night in the life of a seeker. But it did happen they did it. The dreams became a reality

Thank you South Africa
For teaching me
That we can, we will, we must.

Namah shivay