Ishan Shivanand, Nordstrom Talk: Participant Feedback

Thank you for organizing the mediation session. I really enjoyed Ishan’s positivity, energy, and sense of humor. What an engaging speaker who made me feel immediately relaxed and happy…I couldn’t stop smiling. I was able to take the breathing and relaxation techniques that I learned and implement them at home. I also found that I could tap into the technique when I was running. How awesome is that?Again, thank you for bringing Ishan and his teachings to Nordstrom! Peace, Happiness and relaxation- we all deserve it.
Ana Bedish
I’ve been meditating for a while. I’ve tried a few different things. All with varying success. The mind is a crazy place. J I really like the discussion on breaking patterns. It seemed to touch a personal space that I had not heard before. The rhythmic breathing was also different than I’d experienced before. It was really good. I have incorporated into my current practice.
Timothy J Sellsted
IT Manager
Thank you for bringing in this wonderful man and meditation. I meditate daily and haven’t as much at work.
Eric O’Brien
Sr Manager
I feel grateful and blessed that we were able to spend time with Ishanji and he shared his wisdom with my coworkers, taught us breathing exercises and meditation. His unique way of story telling and a powerful message at the end is delightful. We were all left as happy souls, after the meditation session. I plan on continuing the practice of collective meditation at work during break times. Many thanks to Ishanji for paying us a visit at Nordstrom.
Sangeeta Verma
IT Manager

Ishan Shivanand, Boeing Talk: Participant Feedback

I ultimately enjoyed the experience of being with Ishan ji at Boeing. It was a booster session full of powerful energy. His mastery of connecting with others in such a short session of 1 hour was excellent. The session was full of special helpful tips that we always look for to practice in our life and to make it a part of our lives. His sense of humor while conveying a big message across is just wonderful. He included very easy to understand special breathing exercises, and techniques of meditation for everyday use. The meditation part of the session left me in a state of ecstacy, and I am looking forward to his next visit to learn more about this science. He is a Real-Deal.
Sanjay Maheshwari
Quality Assurance – EDC Customer Delivery, Boeing, U.S.A
I am so glad that i attended this session at Boeing. In fact, i took a day off from my work at Boeing, because i did not want to miss it. I am a Buddhist practitioner in my life. I learnt so much with Ishan in such a short session that it has added more light to my journey in my Buddhist practices. I am very interested in meditation and in learning more. I just did not want this session to end and wanted to soak as much as i could from this. Ishan is such a good teacher and knows how to deliver more in a such a short time with wealth of information. I have contacted Ishan’s local meditation group here so that i can continue to learn . I would love to attend this session again with Ishan. Thank you so much for bringing this to my life.
Jim Potter, Composite Structures Repair Spl, Boeing,U.S.A
It was my first experience of attending any such session on mindful matters. I was so thrilled during the session and was amazed with the skill Ishan conducted this. He is very professional at what he does, he is such a good speaker to attract audience and very quietly carries them with him. His talk and its contents were enlightening. During my presence in that session it has exposed me to something that i would love to practice every day and explore. Had i not attended this session, i would have never known that such a thing exists where one can really come to a mindful state, and i really thank Ishan for introducing this to my life. This will be an excellent tool for personal-development that will lead anyone to optimum performance.
Kimkhue Bach
Fuel-Tanks Seal Shop, Boeing, U.S.A

Ishan Shivanand, Microsoft Talk: Participant Feedback

The mindfulness talk at Microsoft was full of fun and humor but at the same time just so empowering. Through his meditations, Ishan Shivanand made us experience the deep power and bliss that lies within all of us and made us realize how we can be our own best cheerleaders every day. It is amazing how everything he said totally relates to every professional in the world, and is something we all can practice daily to achieve that complete balance of personal and professional success that we are looking for. I am looking forward to the day he will come back to Microsoft for more of such talks.
Saler & counselor for food & supplementation in Bio shop
“When i started to practice meditations taught by Ishan. in very short time i feel improvement in every segment of my life my first shivir program with Ishan. very deep experience i felt my consciousness start to rise very high. there were lots of emotions, release, which was buried deep in my heart, soul & mind. now i feel like i am reborn my heart is big and my smile is all over my face. very big thanks to my guru & Ishan since i started practicing his meditations, i am blessed with such divine energies that changed, better to say, healed relationship with my father and improved my family life. i’m becoming and transforming my personality and strive to be better and better every day. self confidence and courage are one of great things i got back. also, deeper divine experience i have from meditations helps me in daily life as in my “work” as teaching yoga. grateful for baba ji’s teaching and Ishan as great messenger of it.
We all enjoy every second of this Austrian family adventure and are grateful that our son, mark, got best presentation of shiv yog family and such lovely treatment from Ishan. we know that this was for him opening the door for great, complete life thank you!”
Milorad Zuber
Bengeri (Yoga Teacher) Varaidin, Croatia
“I live in Austria. Ishan is promoting a healthy lifestyle. I work hard, every day, many days and my soul is now used to it. I work my soul with widita tiau (sadhana) that has been given to me by attending Ishan’s workshops. I feel so much pain has got healed in this shivir and am thankful for everything in my life Thank You & Bless you”
Emese Szakacs
“I first attended Ishan’s meditation workshop in 2010 year. Since that time, daily i practice his meditations which completely transform my personal, family, health life. From my point of view, teachings of self-realized master Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, meditation programmes, healing programmes, kind sewa activities are totally top and most inspirational and positive happening in the world. Attending many of Ishan’s workshops, i received that my life has meanings. I realized that i have power within me to completely change any issue, emotional or family. Ishan shows the path for all human beings and his teachings do not belong to any religion; it belongs to all of us. What Ishan teaches is a deep science of self apart from meditation and healing programmes. I recommend to all people who want to experience unique stand-up comedy by Ishan Shivanand who through his great sense of humor, heals all hearts and give direction how to live 100% worldly and 100% spiritual life. Meditation learnt from Ishan is my life and there is no possibilities to go back, only toward the light.
Marija Zuber Bengeri
Croatia (Yoga Instructor)
“To be so close to go was another big experience for me and the meditations you did with us were incredible, So high energy! And family responsibility you want to give us (To hail up or Shiv Yog University in Austria) makes me speechless. Thank you thank you for the trust us. Bless us that we even fulfill this job.”
President forum, Vienna
Doctor medicine (prime medicine) “I thank you all miracles . What happened and what will happen in my life.Every day in my life is infinite Thank you ishan ji Thank you babaji Bless you Namah shivay! July 7, 2017”
Vesna knapic
Shivyog croatiaVaraedin croatia
“what is Ishan for me? “i feel like home in his programme” Life is feeling like a water, so easily flowing and we are a big family and we love the correct unconditional love what we have and give. I had this dream years ago too. People, life, peaceful times and happy and making big things. Thank you Bless you Namah shivay”
Karin hofbauer
Professional photographer and selling houses
“My journey learning meditation with Ishan started not that my tail was wagging to explore something new but I was searching for something to go within to get myself better, to keep me learn and grow and I found it in Ishan’s event. And now, one and a half year already in it, my life is full, I am satisfied person, healthy but not only me but also my loved ones, for which I definitely respect that divine energy. Ishan, I am so thankful you were here, teaching us, believing in us, giving us so much that we can not even know how huge this all is. So leaving this place, I know I will keep in my mind and my heart, everything he taught us and spread it around. I want this great divinity he gave us to be spread and I will work hard so that this becomes a reality. Namah Shivay bless you ji I was so strongly looking for devoted meditation, in combination in everyday life, now it is happening. Ishan Shivanand made me laugh so much about so many things, he put into his way to teach. When brain is happy it can learn what it is fed in. I am loving his storytelling teaching and also being authentic. One has no fears one could have because of Babaji. You know fathers or strong men in life can give me a switch back to the girl at marital or school. Ishan ji is right with us, next to us, supportive and inspiring to take responsibility for meditation movement. Feel we can rely on him 100%. I love the Pran Kriya and Sookshm Kriya right away.”
Zrinka Klsaic Pintaeic
Verasdin, Croatia, Legal Advisor
I had a wonderful time on Sunday for the youth meditation broadcast. I laughed, cried, and felt peaceful by the time I left. During the meditation, I felt a rush of energy across my body. When Ishanji pointed out intentions and then went into the breathing exercises again and again, my eyes watered and those waves of energy overwhelmed me in the most beautiful way. I saw my father the day before so when Ishanji mentioned to love your father and your mother, I thought of that last moment when seeing my father and also when I visited my mother in NJ earlier this year, I was urged to cry immensely, yet I kept it together for breathing more and gained balance. The event was everything I needed that day.
Brian Sullivan
Jr. (Wolverine!) 29. Cincinnati
I didn’t know what to expect, but we had a lot of fun and laughs with Ishan ji. I thought he was hilarious when he “posed for pictures” because my mom does that all the time and we love to make fun of her!
Ajay Gupta
14. Cincinnati
Ishan Ji has an art of taking an advanced practice into something relatable for all ages through his light hearted demeanor. I wasn’t for sure if I was attending a meditation event or a comedy act and it truly was both. Through our laughter he guided us into a deep meditation that would have been difficult to do if we were practicing on our own. He brings a unique voice and wisdom to this ancient science.
Sonya Verma
32. Cincinnati,
I really enjoyed the event – it was very insightful and a good reminder ofIshan’s life transformative principles. Watching Ishan engage with the younger audience was fun – I loved that kids could ask a lot of the simpler (but fundamental) questions that I have always wanted to know the answers to (e.g. why do Babaji, Ma and Ishan aways wear red). It was great that Ishanji distilled the main learnings of the session into 3 key takeaways – actionable changes that we can simply and easily bring into our daily lives, and that he reiterated those throughout the session. The way he bridged the gap between spirituality and science was interesting, easy to understand and very relatable. The content was very relevant to the youth and young professionals and addressed some of the issues that they face today in trying to live meaningful, balanced, stress-free lives. The meditation was, as always, amazing! It was powerful and I really felt the energies. For the new sadhaks it was a good introduction to the impact and benefits of doing regular Shiv Yog sadhnas (both sessions – on 3rd and 8th). In future events aimed at introducing amazing meditations to new sadhaks, it would be great to have some kind of an outline – even if very loose – so that people know what to expect or how we should spread the word.
Anjali Samani
San Francisco
Much love to Ishanji from Deep dish Chicago!!! thank you for this wonderful session! We would like to thanks,Ishanji from all of us here in Cleveland, Ohio…thanks for sharing his knowledge n Wisdom to all of us here attending this workshop. From new Jersey All children From New Jersey saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH ISHAN BHAIYA. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL FOR TODAY . LIVE SESSION. We would like to another session Every 2 to 3 months
From New Jersey
“Namah shivay I came to Ishan’s workshop because there was a time when life broke my heart. I felt so bad, was sad and had depression and didn’t know how to get through. That was the time that something had to change. And luckily Baba ji found me. Babaji and Ishan ji and whole family you’ve given me back my laughter, you’ve given me my happiness. The teachings taught me a new way of life. Baba ji gave me the way for a happy life. How to meditate and handle life. The way I look at things changed. See the funny side in every situation. I want to thank Ishan ji for his funny way to teach the life-transformative teachings. So it’s easy for me to remember his knowledge. He totally rocks. Thank you to Babaji, Ishan ji and the whole family.”
Sandra Lasinges
Austria, Engineer
“Shiv Yog is like a compass in my life for every situation. Ishan teaches so well and easy to understand, I remember it all. He taught me how to be a good person, to build bridge from Shiv Yog wisdom to other cultures in Austria. I feel Austria is a perfect place for Shiv Yog University, which is such great perfect, lot of love to this real wonderful family. Lots of love to Ishan ji as our great teacher and as our master.”
Sun Gebring
Medical Health practitioner, Germany, Castle
“Namah Shivay, this week had make us so happy. I heard so many good and new opportunities. Sometimes, I was only speechless, in a perfect bind. In the first shivir, in my life I feel like a princess and it is a great love. I feel like a new born. My wish, my bliss. Thank you so much. Bless you.”
Ulerche Thornaoursl
Austria, Secretary in the Govt of Upper Austria
Physical Rehab Coach for young adults in the age of 19-35 “Shiv Yog has given me and is giving me inner strength and a lot of knowledge about myself and my life. Ishan ji has given me keys to mix this knowledge and strength in my daily life. Big thank you Namah shivay“
Therese Stallberg Sweden
My experience on the shivir “Now i feel free! I heal my fear, i heal my pain, i heal my doubts. I’m really new born. No my life is going to change. I was feeling uneasy, now the feeling is very song like. I feel healed from my emotions & gratitude for all. It’s a miracle that i came to shiv yog i feel blessed & i feel in my body like a child. The way it is going on and i wish and i help heal my whole family and pray that all are going with me on this path. Namah shivay I should thank god that he didn’t forget me”
Renate debingen Plants nursary gardener
Namah Shivay Ishan ji
Thank You for making me sooooooooo happy!
Thank You for giving me a sense in life!!
Thank you for giving me a hope!
Thank you for giving me a chance to make the world healed and better place!
Thank you for trusting us!
Thank you for reminding us of being divine!! Each and every one of us!!
Thank you blessings us, helping us and loving us!!
Please comeback very soon~
I’d love to do a job in the university!!
I told I wouldn’t know what I’d love to have as a profession.
But in reality I know I want shivyog to be my profession
I love you!
I bless you!
And I thank you sooo very much
Thank you for fulfilling what I have deemed of all my life!!!”
Nathalia Weise
“I came here and I was tried and thinking what am I doing here? But now every day I was feeling better and got more energy and was not tired anymore. I would feel now the changes in my body. In some parts of my body, the energy did more work and the release took place. And I understand now that I have to change the energy. Bring the energy up, give more love and more divinity, more peace and pray happiness comes in my life. Some monkeys (mind thoughts) appeared this time and because of my decision to stay in connection with divinity they were gone easily and I felt happy again. Please help me to build my character! I create from today a happy life for me and my family. I am so blessed! Feel bless you Babaji & Ishan ji & Gurumaa Thanks for your care and your trust in me. And good things happen to a Shiv Yogi. Namah shivay ji”
Don’s friend
Software engineer & line coach
Human resource department in charge of company health programs & employee events
“Shiv Yog has changed me and my life completely. Shiv Yog brings the best out in me, makes me the goddess and I was always wishing for purifying myself layer by layer in shivir after shivir. I am reborn as a better me. I find Shiv Yog, the ultimate personality in the world. Since the first shivir where I listened to Ishan ji and the Shiv Yog philosophy, I said for this, I want to go spread to the world.
Ever since then I listen to Baba ji”
Michaela Grittnes
Diminution: social work for farmers / farmer family is doing everything on a farming household/ field/ born/ animals Austria
Feeling like new born baby
Looking into my future with bright and clear eye view
Possessing now :- trusting in myself , love, compassion, respect
Trusting into Shiv Yog way of life
I am happy and looking forward happily to all the miracles that will manifest in my life.
Klora langues
“Very inspired To people to do something what they never have done before and break old spells, walls Thank You See you soon” Healed my own body, endo chrine system after living with neuro dermatitis since birth(1966) it was a chronical, not curable symptom/disease becoming worse with every challenge / stress. Healing still emotional body and mind. Became able to speak in front of others or a camera. After more than 27 years of spiritual journey, I saw lord shiva’s statue. Most beautiful statue egver , in a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. Same awesome shift happened there and met ShivYog back home. Right after next shivir, Austria jan 2017 with Ishan ji, no more therapy and counseling and searching for teacher of deep knowledge. I couldn’t become a Buddhist nun.
Maja + Sven / Germany/Ucassel
Namah Shivay! Ishanji, “Thank you so much. I feel so blessed. In three years of Shiv Yog, my life changed completely. I have got a new boyfriend and we are expecting a baby. And then the biggest happiness is that my baby receives all your good energy. It will be a wonderful child and a wonderful Shiv Yogi Thank you so much ! Bless you!”
Helg Bronz
Head of forum Leonstein
“I find deep peace and freedom in this Shiv Yog practise.
And so much cleaning of body, mind & soul Shiv Yog has given to me.
It was very new experience to truly feel the high energy with the grace of Baba ji and Ishan ji.
Thank you so much
Bless you
Namah shivay”
Sophie Friediwen
“Namah Shivay ishan ji it was a big honor for me to be part of this incredible, unique shivir in the Austrian Alps. The atmosphere here was so nice, people attended this shivir and you did an amazing job. You explained the spiritual energy in a unique way, we had a lot of fun and this helps to keep this in mind. So many good, helpful stories, which help answers for me, and specially helps me to develop in my spiritual ways.”
Megh Niwas