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  LANGUAGE OF LOVE [fbvideo link="" width="500" height="400" onlyvideo="1"] One of my most beautiful child good memory involves my father. I was sitting alone with my immature problems thinking on how to tackle the next day when I saw my father walk in through the door. Like all fathers he could have given me great wisdom [...]


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YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU KNOW Once, long ago I sat with my father next to the divine mother Ganga. The holy river, with its wild ferocity, moved like an impatient child dancing with carefree innocence, tearing rocks and boulders like they were paper. Sounds of the water were as mystic yet deafening as if Ma [...]

Why self-realized Masters travel

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Why you should travel with an Enlightened Master A traveller's perspective on the quest for the final frontier of a spiritual seeker. Before Charles Darwin wrote the evolution of species, he travelled the world. He went around in ships, observing different animals and diverse organisms. He catalogued what he found. And as he catalogued, he saw [...]