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As India celebrates Children's Day, as all great men get their pictures clicked with someone's kid, my question is whose kid is it anyway? When I was but a child, my father had ten German Shepard dogs. He had meticulously trained each one. They in no way had consciousness of dogs, as my father would communicate [...]


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There is always comfort in company. The beauty and simplicity of a herd is tame a few, the rest will follow. If hundred people are standing in a line, it is understood that one must remain in place, irrespective of the imbecility one may find in the situation. in the end, it's all acceptable if many [...]

या देवी सार्वभुतेषु मातृरूपेण संस्थिता

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जब तक मेरी स्वयं की संतान नही हुई, मैं कभी अपनी माँ की भावनाओं को सही से समझ न पाया| मेरे आदर्श सदा से पुरुष योद्धा रहे जो की मैदान-ए-जंग में हट्टे-कट्टे और अ आक्रामक रहे| तब के समय में मैं प्रकृति की सूक्ष्मता को ग्रहण करने में विफल रहा| मैं हमेशा पेड़ को मोटे तने [...]


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I never really understood my mother till the time I had my own child. My heroes were always men, always the one in the battlefield strong and aggressive. I could never back then understand the subtleties of nature for I always looked at the strong hard tree not realising that even the sky touching tree comes [...]


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Many years back when I was studying Shiv Yog medicine under Baba ji, a very interesting incident occurred. Why I say the incident was important because it changed my whole world view. As I sat there with my huge pestle, grinding away herbs, a man was brought to Baba ji by his wife, just like a [...]

शिवयोगी के लिए करवा चौथ का महत्व

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मैं हमेशा से भगवान शिव और माँ पार्वती के चित्रों को देख कर सोचता था की क्यूँ महादेव एक भिक्षु की भाँति रहते हैं और माँ पार्वती गहनो और बेहद्द सुंदर वस्त्रों से सुसज्जित| किंतु यह विचार आने बंद हुए जब मेरा स्वयं का विवाह हुआ क्योंकि हर नारी की तरह मेरी भागवन भी खरीददारी करती, [...]

DIWALI MESSAGE 2016: What defines a festival?

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The concept that some lives matters more then others is the root cause of all evil in the world. It's this superiority complex that is drilled into children by their parents or teachers or community or religion. Telling them that as they belong to a certain thought that somehow they are superior to others. This sense [...]


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All great civilizations, all great Kings, all great empires and all great men had great saints to guide them. Saints would be spiritual advisers and ensured that the moral compasses were always working in men of higher power. It was a common understanding that learning could only teach what was right and hence must be complemented [...]

पितृ तर्पण के लिए पहले माता पिता का सम्मान करना सीखें

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  मैं अपने पिता से बहुत प्रेम करता हूँ| मुझे उनके साथ रहने में बहुत आनंद आता है | उनका एक अंश हमेशा मेरे साथ रहता है किंतु एक अंश मेरे भीतर रहता है, सदा ख़याल रखता है| उनका जो अंश मेरे साथ रहता है वह मेरा बहुत ख़याल रखता है, मेरा मार्गदर्शन करता है और [...]


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"For ideal outcome, create ideal environment. The kind of thoughts, the kind of body, the kind of rules you have set for yourself will decide what will become of you." "To paint everyone with the same brush is to be racist. To say that all good men have an ulterior motive is to be racist. Every [...]