It is all about fuel. Anyone with half a brain will realize this that wars fought are not because of ideological differences but because of fear. Fear of not having enough.
Our resources our finite as today, we are dependent on exhaustible sources of non-renewable energy. it is these fossil fuels that literally make the world go round. Resources that one day will run out so wars are fought to acquire more and more, not understanding that even if all fuel is acquired, even if half the world is destroyed in the process, still not much is achieved. Only a slight delay in the inevitable, that is, still the time will come when all that we know will become obsolete and we will have to look for better ways to sustain the juggernaut that is our civilization.
Fuel was very important in ancient India. In my travels to the upper Himalayas, I came across ruins of carvings in temples, systematically destroyed by invaders. The carvings referred to creating an engine having infinite energy using Mercury suspended in a constant motion with the help of some sort of gyros. That’s all I could understand. The rest of the carvings were destroyed long before.
Why was it destroyed? I do not know.
Why did the new religion destroy all the scrolls of ancient Alexandria pushing back scientific development a few thousand years? Why? That we may not know but yes, much of the discoveries were destroyed, specially the ones which contradicted the new religions’ holy compilations.
But I like this about the West that at least they acknowledge the fact that yes this did happen. Many facts about the earth being a sphere, the works of many scholars like Hepatia etc concerning great and detailed calculations about the natural world was eradicated and wiped from the face of the earth in a state of religious fervor.
Many scholars of today accept that so many of today’s discoveries are a mere rediscovery of that which was already discovered by thinkers of Ancient Greece and Alexandria.
A great display of maturity, a maturity which my countrymen must learn as like in Alexandria, many, if not all our sciences too were destroyed systematically, our universities like Nalanda and Takshila ravaged in what probably was the first book burning in history. Maybe in those books was a blueprint of the Mercury engine with infinite energy or maybe there were details of some other fuel sources used to run ancient civilizations or there were blueprints to make weapons of mass destruction, used to destroy complete civilizations. After all, why would there be fused glass created by extreme heat turning silica in sand into glass, which was seen last in the USA at spots of nuclear weapons test, be found at Mohan jo Daro (translated ‘mound of the dead’)?
Maybe some primitive nuclear prototype was used on those poor people.
A young man may debate these facts, but I would say debate is done between equals. A doctor cannot debate against meditation just like I cannot debate with a doctor for the simple fact that a doctor has not researched my field and I have not researched his. For anyone to say anything in negation, one must provide evidence, for that one must research. If research is not provided then it is not a debate, it is just ridicule and ridicule in no way is a scientific approach.
Science believes in data collection and if data is put into consideration, then meditation and holistic therapies have eons of history versus the current medical practices which are not even a century old.
The man trying to debate must understand that even the medicines that he may use may be just constituted a year back, having no data of long term affects on the body let alone genetic implications of a lifestyle being propagated to the current generation on the coming generations. This being said, one would understand that maybe that is why holistic therapies are booming in today’s day and age as they with them, carry generations of wisdom. So every man must ask the question that what he thinks – his thoughts towards a subject. Are they a debate backed by evidence, backed by research or are they just ridicules, backed by ignorance & laziness.
For, if a man is a man of genuine science, he will learn from the clues scattered by history and understand that all the ruins, all the stories, all the scriptures point to the fact that india was a great civilization, a civilization which had mastered the elements – earth, sky water and fire. If we talk about water, then our people were masters of the sea, a fact which can be verified in tombs of Egypt where scrolls were found detailing how to trade with Indians. Not just Egypt, the great civilizations of the past had travelled to whole of south east Asia, spreading their technology and ideologies, proofs of which can be found in the construction of magnificent temple complexes built through out south east Asia. Fire was mastered in the form of weapons used in wars. Earth was mastered as we had learnt all secrets our planets had to offer. We had learnt to synthesize great mineral wealth in the form of precious minerals and metals, we had great knowledge of the gems, we had even created advance alchemy, proof of which can be seen in the iron pillar of Qutab Minar defying time standing proud. History points that we were master of earth, fire and sea but legends point that we were even masters of air and space.
Many stories of our scriptures states that saints frequently indulged in interstellar travels, where the three most common destinations were a Swarg, a planet of men with unequalled strength and technology much advanced than that used on earth which these benevolent men would share with their earthling counterparts if pleased. And the other popular destination being the planet of asuras. Now if those were planets in themselves or if there a part of a world inside of our world is debatable as we simply do not have proof enough about our own planets’ depth because we have only penetrated a fraction of our planet, limited by our primitive science.
We have not even penetrated the true depth of the oceans as when we go deeper than a certain point, the pressure exerted by the deep is enough to crush even our strongest submarines. Maybe we need a submarine made of diamond which was, till sometime ago, the hardest substance known to man, which has now been replaced by boron nitride. Till the time such a submarine is made, the secrets of the world between the world may remain ambiguous. Maybe there is civilization beneath ours. Maybe not. But that does not change the fact that our ancestors used to talk about many planets and many dimensions which were accessible to them.
To an extent, I had found a temple once in Rajasthan which had the carvings, when deciphered, stated that this planet itself was not our native planet. I was in a state of shock for some time as this made some sense to me at the time. Come to think of it, we are the only species alive which cannot adapt to any natural element of this planet. A fish has its element where it is adapted to survive, a bird has its wings and beaks, even a lion has its strength – claws and teeth. What do we have except our brains?
I mean leave a a man naked in the jungle and one will find our bodies are unfit in every sense for any kind of environment completely. That is why men had always relied on fire or tools or manipulation of nature to adapt it to our needs. Even our most primitive tribes on earth today living in jungles need tools and traps to hunt or use fire, which in no way is natural.
So one reason may be that evolution is a cruel thief. it stole away all our physical gifts to give us the power of conscious. it made us handicap to such an extent that no man can survive by just being a man.
A man always has to be more than his bodily abilities, where our closest ancestors, the chimp can just be a chimp to survive. Or maybe the explanation is more profound. Being that, we don’t belong here, we came from a planet which we destroyed through our ways long ago, a planet similar to our own, a planet just like the Earth. Earth being a planet, which just like our previous probable home planet, we are on the path to destroy very soon. Talk about history repeating itself.
So maybe if one would say interstellar travel is not our distant past, then that person will not be able to deny that interstellar travel is our logical, probable future considering how things are going.
And if that is the case, then many answers and riddles can be solved in the history of the great ancient civilizations and their otherworldly feats. Example construction of vast projects in india Africa or South America.
Riddles abound like if we need to go to other solar systems, nearest being Alfa centuri, which in itself is many light years away. So if we want to meet our neighbors in the next galaxy we must travel at the speed of light. The trouble with traveling at the speed of light is maintaining a constant acceleration, as if one would want to maintain such speed one must need a steady supply of fuel.
All the current known fuel sources are not up to the task. We burn through more fuel, the faster we go. Now imagine how much fuel we would need to maintain the speed of light even for a few minutes. Not possible. If we wish to travel to the edges of the cosmos, the riddle of fuel must first be solved. We need a fuel source that is inexhaustible only then can we have great speeds for cosmic distances and maybe in one lifetime come across a civilization living in our neighboring galaxy.
Maybe the blueprints of the Mercury engine should have been preserved.
But jokes apart, there is another technology whose references I have seen multiple times in my studies with saints being expert on mythic ancient, advance civilizations and that is the technology of crystals.
When I say crystal I mean a specific crystal unique to the geography of India – the Himalayan Clear Quartz, unique with its powerful properties. Out of many, one being that it rates a 9 on the MOHs scale, being second only to diamond which rates a 10. Himalayan Quartz, whose composition consists of silicon and oxygen, having chemical composition as SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) makes one wonder that not just the past civilization, even every aspect of our technology utilizes crystals, may it be from our toothpaste to our computer chips to our fiber glass.
Even the name is Silicon Valley or should I say crystal valley, which is the hub of our current software experts. The more the secrets of crystals are revealed, the more the tech advances. What I have come to understand is that anything the ancients held of greater value has great scientific value. May it be gold, which is a super conductor, malleable or immune to rust, perfect for creating circuits in spaceships, may it be the work with Mercury or may it be the ancients’ maddening obsession with Quartz.
Each saint of the Shiv Yog lineage shared these obsessions as Shiv Yogis, now a rare breed, were the originals , Before the dawn of the popular gods of today, there was just the Shiv Yogis and their sciences. They were the researchers and the philosophers.
Understand this and you will understand my own Guru’s obsession with integrating science and spirituality. Whether it be working with doctors or farmers or creating data for effects of Shiv Yog on our biology and cognitive capabilities and once this is done, maybe my Guru, like his ancestors before him, will shift his attention to unlocking the secrets of fuel and engines. Saints are experts of harnessing natural fuel sources. I have met saints which have mutated their cells through the use of Quartz to such a level that they live off the sunlight like plants. Imagine if from them we learn to synthesize solar power.
In saints of all cultures, I see the use of Quartz to harness natural energy. May it be in the form of wands of the wizards of the West or ‘Danda’ of our own rishis. Much has to be relearned from our past,
That is why when I was young, secrets of Alchemy and Quartz were revealed to me by my master. He told me that like a rubik’s cube, each Himalayan Quartz needs to be solved. What a smartphone is to a techie, is a Quartz is to a saint.
Much can be harnessed and revealed through meditation on the gifts this planet has to offer. Hence instructed by my own Guru, I started to work on this technology.
In the beginning, what was just a stone started to reveal to me unimaginable knowledge about healing. In my own experience, I saw when combining these minerals with Shiv Yog healing, the results were exponentially better. Each day I meditated I found new information being reveled to me. It was a dip in the great ocean of the subconscious.
I felt I needed to share my findings of practical application of crystal in everyday life and the use of Quartz to enhance one’s meditative and healing capabilities with other Shiv Yogis. I was pleasantly surprised to see the consistent results each person experienced when following my research on integrative healing modalities using Quartz with Shiv Yog.
I started to understand that the real book of secret is the one we hold in our cells in the form of our deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Decode the genes and we decode the body. Similarly, the real knowledge of the planet could be stored in the Quartz and if we unravel the secrets of these great minerals, maybe just like we have started to understand how to harness healing from the cosmos, today, maybe tomorrow, we can start to understand the abilities to harness inexhaustible sources of fuel from the environment.
I hope I live to see the day where we can truly understand our origins like our ancestors. A fusion of past and present that will give us the power to conquer space and maybe even time. That will be the day we may truly become devtas. Maybe traveling to other primitive earths trying to give them directions.
Will that make our planet swarga? If so, I wonder who our Indra will be?
Blessings Namah Shivay Ishan shivanand