The cow paradise in Alwar has been planted with hundreds of trees in the vast open land. True to his perfectionist ways, Ishan ji has always maintained that only planting is never sufficient. The process is much the same as giving birth to a child. We don’t just bring in a life in this world, we care for it, nurture it with tender love, care and compassion. Likewise, going a step ahead, he urges during all Shiv Yog plantation drives that the saplings must be adopted, should be well-watered, well-manured and protected from insects, pests, and grazing animals till they can grow independently. This helps realize the true purpose of planting trees.

Besides, during his Cosmic Healing workshops, every participant is taught and encouraged to send Sanjeevani shakti (cosmic healing of infinite dimension) to Mother Nature, especially with the powerful Mritsanjeevani Kriya involving redirection of a potent mix of solar energy and cosmic energy.

During times of turmoil and calamities, Shiv Yog Healers often get together to send healing to these places, avert any mishap through collective prayers and projection of peace. Such collective efforts are powerful not only in minimising or rehabilitation but also in many cases turned preventive. Such healing and prayers are one of the purest ways to give back to Mother Nature and become a divine tool in the evolution of mass consciousness.