Close to four decades back, Ishan ji’s father His Holiness Avdhoot Shivanand and mother Guru Ma got together and created a vast open land for grazing of cows with unlimited supply of choicest fodder or green grass in Alwar, Rajasthan. What started with a few cows has now transformed into a paradise for the docile creature. Even today, here hundreds of cows are sent, which are found in pitiable conditions or are at a risk of ending up in slaughter houses. The special recovery and rehabilitation aid apparatus and systems evolved by His Holiness for cows ensures that cows which arrive in a feeble, infertile state turn fertile, lactating and fully healthy within weeks. Total care is taken of the cows – their hydration, nutrition, seasonal medications. You name it and the Shiv Yog hermitage has it. Herds of cows are grazed in total freedom and security. Their gratitude and compassionate action can be noticed when they rush towards the Shiv Yog Masters ji to be in His company whenever he visits this paradise. Many times, on Shiv Yog Master’s behalf, Guru Ma and Ishan ji frequent this cow heaven and take charge of it’s overall function.