Freedom to multiply one’s horizons

Today, as I felt braver then usual, like a man about to do a cliff dive, I picked up the TV remote and switched on the news. A debate raged on the most ordinary topic by a panel of bumpkins, more than the news it reminded me of one of my beloved nature programs based on a family of monkeys, the only difference was that when viewing the apes, their chatter seems comprehensible whereas the gabble in the news could not be deciphered by a mere mortal like myself. My mind turned to the next situation. I stumbled upon a music video, borderline pornograhic, enough to even make our great author Vatsyana blush and twist in his grave and even the music seemed to be like an elementary poem ‘twinkle twinkle’. But stars had been superimposed with various synonyms of booze such that any simpleton be mesmerized by the subliminal programming. And like Pavlov’s dog, drooling to the bell, I can only deduce any yahoo listening would be conditioned only to satisfy his cardinal desires in visible urgency.
AD-UCATION I understood why they are all called ‘programs’ because like a computer program results in getting the desired result, a certain type of programming too could be used to sway the population of a country towards or away from a relevant issue. Maybe brain washing is not a myth, maybe our every thought is an inception. It has to be. Otherwise why would marketing and advertising be a multimillion industry as after all is it not inception, programming and conditioning when one is being told to buy a product, or what to wear, or maybe even what to think. TELE TALES – GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 FAILS? As I continued my tele adventure, I thanked my stars as the latest episode of Game of Thrones began and as the show continued, I realized there was something wrong. There were inconsistencies in the storyline. The red women did something, the new khal did something to khaleese and something happened to Arya. I realized that the whole episode had been through a process of merciless editing by the censor board, leaving the show as nothing but a scatter of clues with no continuity, where one must be no less then the great Sherlock himself if one needed to decipher just what in the name of God happened. SKEWED PRIORITIES – CENSORING THE SENSORY And I wondered why did they censor this? Not the wordings in songs which are almost a guided meditation to the nearest pub? This they felt like editing And not the scripted journalism one is forced to endure in the name of being updated? Why is it that one has to be in the mercy of the censorship overlords deciding what is the maturity level of the country or more than that, has censorship affected the crime rates? And if not, are we censoring what we shouldn’t and advertising that which should be buried? When I was in school, teachers decided what the class read, what the discussions should be and it was understood as they were wiser, more mature than a bunch of teenagers. But I thought when I grew up, I will have the power to choose my thoughts. Was that not the whole point of going to school and collage – to become capable of making life’s decisions, for if a child will always be treated like one, not allowed freedom of thought, if one would always be spoon-fed ideas, then why go to school at all? There would always be a dictator above to decide my fate. But before one takes a decision, one must be informed, one must have access to data and facts. Only when complete information is provided, the data understood, facts verified, can a being actually reach maturity. That is why science cannot be censored. For, if it was, then biology would be like boxing – “anything below the belt not allowed”. A student must be aware. Yes information can be misused. Yes some people may not be mature enough to handle the information, but if a chance is not given to them, then we have condemned them and their future generations to a life of ambiguity. At least by the law of probability, the more the circle of data is increased, the more chances a man can develop on the ideas. Maybe all an inventor needs is an inspiration from a past thinker. Maybe all a revolution needs is an idea from the one capable . And that is why i feel knowledge does not belong in the vaults, it belongs to all humanity. We are beings of a hive consciousnessand can truly help each other ones our mind synchronize.
HEALER HERO I was ten when one day, a tall, bulky man walked into my father’s house. My father had just started teaching healing to the masses. it was a new concept in a medicine obsessed culture but through the lost secrets of natural living and meditation that my father had rediscovered, results were pouring in. Overnight, he had become a sensation, the man who would teach anything to anyone. He was my hero.
REPARTEE TO THE SANCTIMONIOUS PARTY This man came to my father and said that he came from the council of saints and many saints believed that the secrets my father was teaching were not for the westerners and the masses. He said that the saints believed the knowledge may not be respected by unworthy who may learn. My father’s reply still rings in my ear. He said, “Rather, this knowledge be disrespected by the few than be lost for all.”
The man did not like my father’s answer. He left. My father became too big and the love of the millions he guided and helped protected him then and now. I realized then what censorship actually means. A man edits the information to be passed on to the fellow man since this editing gives a man power over others. The power to alter gives the man the power to decide the maturity level of the masses or to even divide the masses. For, if there is free flow of information, all will be equal. Where there is no editor, there can be no power, no division. Just the sweet dance of freedom. Maybe the saints were afraid that people won’t respect them if all their secrets flowed out to the commoners. So, to preserve their power and to be venerated they gave only drops of knowledge, a teaser, like an Eskimo feeds his huskies with just bits so as to keep them motivated to run at his bidding. And if this is the case, then this is the reason as to why the knowledge is lost. Imagine if all your pictures were on one phone only, the day it is stolen, your data is gone. You must have copies in your PC or in a hard drive. Only then data can be protected. I learned this from my father. Data cannot be preserved by hiding it, but by spreading it, sharing it with the whole world, by rising above the boundaries of countries and religions. COMETH THE HOUR, COMETH THE HERO That Is the need of the hour. we need a hero who can tell us the truth and for that hero to be manifested, we must learn to make our self stronger. For if one is weak, knowledge must be edited for political correctness, altered for not damaging one’s superstitious beliefs, deleted so as not to harm sentiments . In such case one does not receive knowledge, all he receives is a worthless trophy. A man who can digest the truth is the perfect student.
And like the seeker, even Gurus of today, as I learned from my father, must evolve. They must teach what they know as guru doesn’t mean protector but distributor of knowledge. He is just a warden who does not possess but cares for the flame till the next generation is ready to embrace the mantle. In other words, put up or shut up. The world doesn’t need philosophers who talk in riddles and censor the secrets but the masters which guide from experience and show the way to inner peace. Such a master deserves true students.
But I cannot wait for the perfect student. Time is less, much is to be done. I must teach what was taught to me by my father. For, I have no need of censorship. tThat man censors who has finite. I have learned that growth is infinite. The more I grow, the more i will learn. The more I learn, the more i will teach. And teach I must. For, the secrets of the ancients have been lost once as somewhere someone censored. I do not have that ego, nor did my father. All that we are, all that we will be, we must share. The invention of the wheel began a reaction which will one day trigger the industrial revolution. I do not know what good. I trigger, I do not know what greatness will be inspired by me in the days of my son. All I know is this that whatever seed you sow, only that you shall reap . And that is why today, in my fellow man I give out unconditional love and trust , as my father did before me , and hope a day dawns where all I see around me are men equal in divinity and bliss, that is the world in which I wish to raise my son. Blessings Namah Shivay