Shiv Yog Scanning & Clairvoyance is the ancient Himalayan art of unfolding the intuitive powers lying dormant in every human being. Everything that we see around us is matter, made of energy as articulated by German scientist Albert Einstein. Energy in turn is made up of vibrations. The wisdom of Shiv Yog, which is, by virtue of its futuristic outlook to perfecting every sphere of life, years ahead of modern science. The knowledge of subtle cosmic processes which constitute Shiv Yog have been passed on from the knowledgeable Himalayan Saints. This wisdom says that not only all physical matter but every circumstance, every feeling, every thought, every action, every relationship, every utterance, every task is all energy, emitting a certain vibration.
Shiv Yog Siddha Scanning and Clairvoyance works to scan the energy making up any object, circumstance and person in life. This is done by
1) Practicing exercises with aim to enhance energy sensitivity & activate powerful & subtle inner capabilities to feel the extra sensory.
2) The enhancement in the subtle perception results in the development and unfoldment of inner powers using which we can unveil a complete process of assessing, analyzing and rectifying energy defects, be they at home, workplace or person, place etc.
Shiv Yog Scanning and Clairvoyance programme includes
1) The learning of a range of physical and subtle mechanisms, employing which the practitioner can perform a more accurate diagnosis of any given dissonance – in body or life circumstances.
It is an age when man has progressed indescribably on all fronts which pertain to his comforts, the bitter fact remains that even after all kinds of novel inventions, technological toys, gadgets, gizmos and mod cons, happiness is an entity which still seems a far fetched dream.
Surprisingly, nay ironically, even medical advancement has not guaranteed a healthier living. If anything, the incidence of disease has only shot up. The reason for all this, attributes young and dynamic spiritual master Ishan Shivanand ji, is that our inner development has failed to keep pace with the rapid outer development.
Shiv Yog Siddha Scanning and Clairvoyance is the process of making a human being highly sensitive to every type of energy by opening of the subtle energy channels present in the higher bodies. This mechanism materializes through a subtle scientific procedure wherein
1) The master empowers the seekers with extra sensory internal powers by activating the dormant internal potential to foresee, decipher and treat the unseen.
2) This activation paves the way of clearing of emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, churning of the inner self and awakening of intuitive powers.
The biggest benefit of all this is that one can diagnose and solve any problem in life – be it physical, related to relationships, emotional, mental or spiritual by sensing it beforehand giving a new dimension to the adage of prevention is better than cure,
This subtle science was a closely guarded secret with a few of the Himalayan saints but with the loving kindness of His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji, it is being made available to all through his son and worthiest disciple Ishan Shivanand ji. Ishan ji attributes this event to be a process of upgrading the inner software and save our miraculous inner capabilities from becoming vestigial and redundant. The course also involves the deep learning about healing oneself as also others with surgical precision by use of the awakened energy sensitivity in the participants.