All great civilizations, all great Kings, all great empires and all great men had great saints to guide them. Saints would be spiritual advisers and ensured that the moral compasses were always working in men of higher power. It was a common understanding that learning could only teach what was right and hence must be complemented with meditation to understand what was for the ultimate good. Without spirituality people lose sight of who they are and their purpose towards the society.

Hence, saints were respected, kept close to men who made decisions and venerated as teachers to all who would be nurtured to grow and add to quality of society.

Somewhere in history it changed. The saints and society became segregated. Saints were expected to leave the towns and cities to be in forests. Whether they were chased by evil or they left, I leave for you to decide. But this step never made sense what is the use of spiritual practices in the forests, why would a person de-stress surrounded by nature? Is it not as absurd as putting buckets of water on your self while standing in the rain? And also that which is most precious, that which helps ground us, that which guides and moulds the youth, should it not be available to all, within reach of all rather then far away in forests.

Shiv Yog is a tool for the one who wishes to chisel life into a masterpiece, I used to think God or path to God is for the uneducated. I was wrong as doctors and engineers and all masters of their field come to learn from my guru, they understand Shiv Yog more, they value it. And I understand this – Shiv Yog makes the mind agile, it increases cognitive capabilities and enhances productivity. Shiv Yog helps a person to relax and dive deep so he may be rejuvenated after a hard day’s work. All qualities and attributes one requires in the city rather than the jungle.

Through Shiv Yog, I see spirituality emerging from within people just like sprouts of greens emerge after the rain. I see the saints coming back and mixing with modern world like chocolate mixes with milk. I see the saints regaining their rightful place in society which is next to us holding our hands rather than in some jungle holding nothing.

The saints have returned like spring returns after winter. I welcome them back and I welcome the new world order where each child is taught ascension as well as ambition. Where responsibility walks hand in hand with growth. Where sustainability is synonymous to development. A system of divinity where technology may be the architect but the lifeblood is still the wisdom of the Shiv Yogis. A system with saints.

Love you

Bless you

Namah shivay

PS – The photo was taken yesterday where I was about to take a live shivir in multiple countries and Baba ji came to surprise me and seekers alike.