Every panel, every word of every comic is a phenomenal effort. Books are good but then the writer leaves everything to the imagination. Comics are a million times more difficult as then you must imagine yourself, each aspect of the story.
Since I was a child, I was given so many heroes in the form of popular culture around me. Each hero I read about left an imprint on my psyche and each story became a part of who I am. Then when I became wise, I realized there were two types of heroes. One was an escape from reality created for those who do not achieve much. Heroes, which will never come when called. Just a sweet fantasy, a primordial urge of what one wanted to become, but one knows he will never be.
These are the heroes of children. The other type of heroes were the heroes of reality, who themselves had lived extraordinary lives, who believed in becoming more than what they were born as and changed the course of history for all humanity. The heroes of men. But I saw nobody was telling their stories. All my gods, my rishis were fading away from the thoughts of my generation. So I decided I must do more and I started creating befitting stories for the real heroes of humanity. One such story is of my greatest hero my father. Wanted to share a message I received from someone who had read the story. Wanted to thank you all who appreciate the efforts as it is your appreciation and support which keeps operation running. Gratitude for all the affection as till the time such people will support the great work, stories will be told and one more generation may become the keeper of such divine wealth and treasure. Blessings for being the vessel of divine light, the candle in which the flame burns, the ground which holds the heavenly tree.
I promise to you that this is preparation for the most phenomenal and greatest graphic novel ever attempted and created in india.
Bless you Namah shivay
Om Namah Shivaya Bhaiya! Just received comic book of your Shivanand…was eagerly waiting for it It’s such an excellent book telling us about Babaji’s early days…after I finished reading it I felt like a power…some shakti within me growing Babaji himself has gone through so much in life…so many negative emotions he has come across…so many difficulties and despite all…he conquered every negativity…every difficult situation…in comparison to His, our difficulties are nothing…we get so upset over little things look for solutions outside…when the truth is that all the power is within us…our Shiva is just within us…he has given us all the abilities and capabilities…we have just forgotten them…I truly want to thank you for sharing Babaji’s story with us…Im having a different feeling sensation now…I am finding it difficult to describe it to you…request you to bless me to stay connected always with my guru Babaji…Lord Shiv Shiva…guru mandala and you…thank Ishan Bhaiya!