As an individual faces conflicts and moments of stress in his life, ranging from continued pressure at work, conflict in relationships, lack of adequate sleep, sub-optimal health so and so forth, he loses a part of his soul, his creativity, inherent peace and innocence in the process. The sadhna of Prati Prasav Soul Revival is about retrieving the lost facets of existence, the forgotten capabilities an individual is born with, and by virtue of doing so, becoming whole again.

The meditative process of Prati Prasav Soul Revival consists of 
1) Intensive psychic release meditations
2) Therapeutic Pranyama
3) Shiv Yog Breathwork
4) Special physical and yogic movements
5) Systematic Sequence of mediative events prepared under the guidance of ace Cosmic Consciousness Scientist and Internationally recognised authority on Ancient Practices for Mastering Inner Consciousness and Pioneer of Meditative Innovation Dr Avdhoot Shivanand.
6) Claiming the birthrights of perfect health, peace, success and happiness


Prati Prasav Soul Revival helps in 


1) Complete revitalisation of human persona
2) Better sleep, peaceful mind and a relaxed state of being
3) Stress release
4) More than purification at the body, mind and soul level
5) Effecting a process of becoming whole again
6) Undergo powerful transformation at all levels of existence
7) Long lasting, yet immediate results on health of the body, success at work, loving relationships, removal of all hurdles in life.