Prati Prasav Sadhna

PRATI PRASAV: The meditation practice to outgrow present limitations by unburdening the past

The ultimate modality for detox of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins, the spiritual gateway to higher consciousness, Prati Prasav is the benchmark meditation to inaugurate the spiritual journey of any and every seeker where the latter can march towards stress free, happy, healthy & successful existence by releasing the karmic factors and psychic impressions of the past.


  1. Complete revitalisation of human persona
  2. Better sleep, peaceful mind and a relaxed state of being
  3. Stress release
  4. More than purification at the body, mind and soul level
  5. Effecting a process of becoming whole again
  6. Undergo powerful transformation at all levels of existence
  7. Long lasting, yet immediate results on health of the body, success at work, loving relationships, removal of all hurdles in life.

“Prati Prasav sadhna is the deletion of the cache of human
negativity so a human can experience
happiness, peace, relaxation and divinity in his life”


Level of Prati Prasav Meditation