Shiv Yog Prati Prasav Sadhna can be understood as the essential and ultimate starter course, a must on the to-do list of every spiritual seeker as a gateway to beginning the journey of their ascension rising towards achievement of the pinnacle of spiritual practice – Self Realization. The ancient modality of Prati Prasav involves liberation of negative thought, release of undesired belief systems and purging of psychic impressions from the consciousness of an individual through the meditative power of the guru for complete detoxification at the emotional, psychic and mental & conscience levels. This process is similar to the bathing of the consciousness and after the bath from negativity, what emerges is a new, refreshed you, almost as if a new birth. That explains why it is Prati Prasav (Born anew).
This purification process, is exclusively available across the globe only to Shiv Yog Gurus – His holiness Avdhoot Shivanand and revered Acharya Ishan Shivanand as only the Himalayan Shiv Yog Masters had its secrets.
Prati Prasav uses the techniques of Yoga and the cosmic powers of an awakened master and by chanting of mantras alongwith Pranayam – would lead a person to be very healthy – emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as a natural consequence of the same physically too. This would lead him to be a very productive member of the society or demographic dividend on modern day terminology. Through Prati Prasav, we can help an individual release all the unresolved issues of his life.
There are a total of eleven levels of this meditation, advancing from the gross body level, progressing to the subtle level and finally purifying the individual at the soul level.