Note: The intention behind this video is not to challenge any corporate or company. It is to remind the human race about its fundamental responsibility & about one of its natural entitlements.

‘Billions have lived without facebook. None without water.’

The indispensability of the elixir of life – water – becomes quite clear through this observation. However, there are many aspects of this human necessity which have come to acquire an alarming status, where capitalists have profiteered, milking human need for furthering human greed.

One of the aspects is plastic packaged bottled water. It is a scenario where we have let a free for all natural resource be sold to us, when we all deserve unfettered access to it, without the need of having to pay a single penny.

Secondly, plastic is a carcinogen. It’s prolonged use causes cancer. The plastic waste generated from disposed of plastic bottles pollutes the environment severely, jeopardising all life on the planet.

Thirdly, the reckless extraction of surface & groundwater depletes the water table, the natural underground reserve of water which sustains life & the optimum level of which is important for survival of mankind, flora & fauna.

Fourthly, farmers, our feeders, our food producers are heavily reliant on groundwater reserves & natural sources for irrigating their crops. So when a lion’s share of the water is looted by commercial interests, what’s left for the humble cultivator? Nothing.

Fifthly, the plunder of natural resources, selling them at premium rates & the masses eager to lap up this concept of buying something which should come for free may set a very wrong precedent. So if this generation is amenable to buying water, who knows, the next generation might just end up being amenable to paying for fresh air.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry they say & let this message be a reminder that our resources are finite & ours to use responsibly.

The wars of the 21st century will be fought over water said a famous philosopher.

While a direct & conventional war on water may be a distant possibility, what certainly is proximal is a subliminal battle of the vested commercial interests and our rights. It is a tinderbox where ours is being marketed to us with environmental hazard free. High time we wake up to this challenge confronting us.

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