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I met a man today. He was young and handsome. He was with his two daughters. He came across as a gentle and a loving father. He was humble beyond comprehension. Upon enquiring I found he was in the Air Force. A warrior always ready for duty. Serving his country. At the same time he was a sadhak, meaning he believed in meditation and peace.

So who was this man? Was he the warrior? Was he the gentle father? Was he the charming man? Or was he the peaceful monk? All these traits clashing with one another, yet they comprise of who this man was and at the same time this man had mastered all traits, being what his life needed him to be . Perfection personified.

Every man looks and seems like a calm lake from the outside. Look closely or enter the water and one may find hidden depths and personalities lashing out like creatures of the deep. There is only so much of a Potemkin village that may be created by men, throw enough incentive or give enough time and slowly but surely the veil will be lifted to reveal the ultimate truth. The creatures of the deep will surface to create a storm of unequaled proportions.

To deny oneself these revelations is to deny oneself supreme truth.

When I was young I met many men of faith and each was extremely careful to keep them self away from anything they felt would disturb their persona. They ran from family, they ran from women, they ran from children, they ran from their duties, they ran from success and prosperity. As each of this stimulus acted like bread in a lake, bringing all that was within to the surface, that which they condemned, that which they rejected, that which they did not understand. They would be shattered when shown a mirror. For they thought them to be special and their reflection always gave them Away. So their answer was simple, condemn any and all that may disturb which generally means condemning all under the blue sky.

A man who says I am just spiritual is saying that there is a lake and I believe in only it’s surface.

In Shiv Yog, life is supreme. One must learn to master the turmoil within. One must throw oneself in life. Only then do the creatures surface and only then they may be conquered. Family, career, meditation and charity are the prime pillars of Shiv Yog. As each of these aspects reveal our true nature and in time help us to guide and utilize it towards enlightenment. We embrace all life lessons and instead of escape choose evolution. Conflict means rigidity but we choose flexibility granting us growth.

In Shiv Yog, we accept and celebrate our each aspect. We become good householders, we become honest citizens to our country, we become an asset to our profession, we become the roses in the dessert. Hence a Shiv Yogi will never change for there is no part of self that is hidden. All is revealed. All is utilized. All is celebrated. No escape just evolution.

Everyone around you is just throwing bait to the fishes already within. No one can make you angry, no one can hurt you, they can only throw bait and if one holds pain within then it can be triggered to resurface again and again.

Maintaining a facade for the sake of society is a losing game but becoming all that one is capable , leads to inner peace. A warrior can be a monk, a monk can have a family, a saint may be beautiful, a woman can be strong, a man may be emotional. Any man saying otherwise is just a lake denying its own fishes, at these times just drop a few pieces of bread and you will find yourself surprised.

I am a a vegetarian yet I have no qualms squashing mosquitoes that suck my blood. I am a saint yet I love my wife and my family. I am peaceful yet I practice martial arts. I am complete through my gurus grace.
I am Ishan Shivanand.

Love you
Bless you
Namah Shivay