Thousands of feet above sea level not a soul in sight in sub zero temperatures these two dogs found me.
Without fear they approached me as if they had a deep feeling of belonging as if they knew who I was.

They sat in front as if they knew I would share my meager meal with them ,I did not have much but whatever I did I shared with them.
We formed a bond that day as they played with me for I needed them more then they needed me
In the frigid seclusion at least they were together and I was all alone with my divine ambition.
It was as if they adopted me they protected me from the wild animals they shared my tent and gave me warmth ,I shared my food and played with them.

For days we were together we reached the Summit together at times we even got rim rocked but in the end it was all fine as we descended the perilous peak.

I had not given them names for we rarely talked we used to communicate with emotions and like a rare friendship I was just content with their company.
As the end of the snow line drew close my guardians stopped moving , that was that, I knew they won’t follow me back home ,I could not seduce them with stories of warmth and plenty or the grandeur of the city .Nature cannot be bought or bargained with .These souls were perfectly content where they were .They were just my guides on the mountain plane and at that moment I knew that I did not do any favours to them by sharing my food for they were the sharks in their own ocean ,it was they who did a favour to me by being my companions .

More then anything the beauty was in the maturity of the goodbye.
No tears ,no emotion just deep gratitude for everything.
I was a boy of civilization and they were my angels in the snow.

I learnt a beautiful lesson that day from them ,till the time they were with me they were mine they were so familiar so loving but the moment the snow line ended they transformed into a beautiful shrinking dot in the horizon as I continued my journey.

Be your best to those around you
Your ego may say that it is you who provide for them But maybe the truth is that they are the pillars of your sanity
Merge hydrogen with oxygen and you get water
Hydrogen burns ,oxygen facilitates the burn but water vanquishes the burn
I want you to take care of your hydrogen and oxygen for without them being together there is no life just a world burning.

No journey lasts forever
all relations are temporary
all relations are important
Love all value all bless all
For one day all that you will have is memories
Your parents your children even your guru will one day be just a memory
Good or bad ? Depends on your today
Let’s make beautiful memories
Love you bless you
Namah shivaya
Ishan Shivanand