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Many years back when I was studying Shiv Yog medicine under Baba ji, a very interesting incident occurred. Why I say the incident was important because it changed my whole world view.

As I sat there with my huge pestle, grinding away herbs, a man was brought to Baba ji by his wife, just like a farmer drags a bull against his will.

I could see clearly that the man wasn’t interested nor respected the ways of my guru but still his wife had somehow persuaded him to come to our door. Even before my guru spoke the man started in a aggressive tone, “So what type of a guru are you? What will you give me? Some medicine? I have eaten them all. What will you teach some mantra ? I know them all. I know all the yoga and scriptures so I do not understand how you may help. I already have a guru.”

I was surprised at this stranger’s ego, he was so sure of himself. He looked old so maybe he thought he knew everything. Maybe he was fanatic towards his path or God. Maybe he had met many saints. I do not know. Whatever the reason for his aggression, I knew certainly that he was the reason behind the tightening of my grip on my iron pestle.

Baba ji was calm, he just asked the man why has he come. The gentle wife replied my husband has a heart problem please help. Baba ji again asked this man since how long have you been suffering? The man replied ‘since 20 years’.

Baba ji again said, “So you have been on your path doing what you know for the last 20 years and it has not helped you. Your problem remains. So all your mantras, all your knowledge, all your books yet you stand here with your worries and problem. You had twenty years with your path son. Nothing happened maybe it’s time you tried my path and let’s see the result.”

The man stood there dumbstruck, Baba ji had hit the right chord. Something there and then clicked. As he also must have thought if something had to work it would have. It’s just basic science. A scientist thinks of a hypothesis then experiments to prove his results and if the experiment works good if not then it is discarded. Simple.

The man then stayed with my father for many days, learnt many secrets. He came to many shivirs. For a month he was my fathers shadow. He became an ardent Shiv Yogi and in time cured himself. I still see him sometimes and remember how close his Sahastrar chakra had come by being blessed with my iron pestle. But this man taught me a valuable lesson. Sometimes we pick up paths which are more of a burden then benefit. We stand by our beliefs and we fight for their honour. The gurus may take samadhi but the students fight on the name of the blessed. At these times why not just ask oneself the question has that path worked for you? And of not then maybe it is time to break the comfort zone and find a guru and a path that does.

At these times, do not feel that you know for the greatness of a guru is only if he to forever is a student. Do not fear on reoccurrence of past events as remember a hundred paths may be wrong but just one right path or idea has the power to change the world. There are hundred ways on how not to do something but there is always that one way.

Always be a student to the right master. Many will never find him. For many he will remain like a fantasy to be felt and read in books. But there are few who will experience that chemistry. The one relation that will change your life.

I am lucky I found my master. With his teachings I have learnt there is no right no wrong, everything exists in this universe. But the Shiv Yogi, instead of wasting time on the unwanted, focuses on creation.

That is why when many weak willed may see today drowned in their pacifist interpretations, the Shiv Yogi sees today as a golden age for a divine revolution and personal transformation.

A Shiv Yogi practices the scientific result based method. For us, prayer, religion or devotion are not out of culture or inherent beliefs.

For us, prayer is gratitude for the miracles we are experiencing today right now.
For us, devotion hard work and perseverance through which with our efforts we undergo the ultimate alchemical transformation.

For us religion is humanity.
On many a wrong paths a man is his own worst enemy, a fact which you will see all around you today. When almost all diseases are lifestyle disorders and all problems arise from greed.

Yet there is one path out there for you in which you are your own best friend and a gift to your current adoptive planet.

You owe it to yourself to find what I found.
Respect all, accept all but charity begins at home.

Love you

Bless you
Namah shivay
Ps – A sadhak took this picture as I was stepping out of a live shivir. The smile, as finally I get to take a shivir with some of the most important people in my life. The sadhaks of Indonesia and South East Asia, starting Tomorrow