‘Always be a student if you wish to be a great teacher’ is what my father always taught me.
All shivyogies are my teachers.

Every day nature unravels its secrets through the beautiful people I meet. It is as if each person is a scripture waiting to be read. As if each place In itself has the spark to light the fire within.

From the shivyogies of Thailand I learnt grace and humbleness defines real beauty

Singapore taught me that honesty to ones path brings true power

Hongkong taught me patience and perseverance will surely bring reward. My mango tree has its fruits

In Jakarta I observed the real meaning of 200% life taught by my guru

Malaysia made me emotional as I realised family always comes home.

Everyday is a gift that is spent with the people I love. The people that resonate with the God frequency. I wish to thank them all for all the beautiful lessons and teachings and I bless them with all my heart. I will remember you each day in my Sadhna.

Love you bless you
Namah shivay