As I dived deeper into the ocean a new and beautiful world was revealed to me. A world with no gravity a world where I came closest to a feeling of flight and freedom. An alien world in which I was like a planet drifting through space ,so much emptiness like the space between the galaxies and then suddenly out of nowhere a school of fish just like a star with its young planets rotating in infinite loops oblivious to its position and function in the vast machinery of the cosmos. I felt alive and curious as I searched the depths as best as I could held back only by the strength of my arms and the finite capacity of my lungs.

The fact was no matter how mysterious or hypnotic the aquatic depts may seem I did not belong there for I was a being of the surface.

My curiosity may pull me down but the life running through My cells would periodically pull me to the surface for the most important experience of them all , breath. Breath was my sustenance as well as a connection to my base elements. It was the chord which I held as I sank deeper and deeper, with out It ,I would have disappeared into the abyss.

So I knew no matter what I saw or was attracted to it was still imperative for me to go back, even if it was for a few seconds, to breath. For then when I returned I was refreshed and rejuvenated to explore more then before.

The same my dear is with life you are a being of highest dimension pulled to this plane by your curiosity. This world may be wonderful and weird ,you may be busy quenching your curiosity yet do not forget to remember what is of prime importance. Just like time to time I needed to come up to breath and connect to my reality in the same manner man must learn to connect with the light when ever he feels down. If there remains a sinking feeling increasing each day like a feeling of slowly drowning as the walls close in , then this means in exploring the depths of our life we have forsaken or forgotten the chord of divinity.

God is the life running through your veins. Each time you connect with him you will find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated to tackle all that life may throw towards you.

It is the most important activity of the day.
Without his light shining in our hearts we are lost.
Find him for it is the one thing we must learn to do.
Do not hold onto so much that in an attempt to hold what’s useless ,the lifelines slips through your fingers.
Hold on tight to that which is important.
Remember whenever you feel tired whenever the heart sinks , take the refreshing breath , just close your eyes and with all heart thank your God and guru for all the miracles that are to manifest in your life, you will find yourself transcending to a new level of consciousness.
It is there where you will meet him
It is there where I and many others will wait for you
The space between the breaths
The time between the thoughts
The gap between awareness
Fill it all with his love and light
Love you bless you
Namah shivay
Ishan Shivanand