Lucknow ashram

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Shiv yog helps good people become better. People who come to shiv yog have great attraction towards spiritually and inner growth.
One of the most beautiful experience I heard from a shivyogi today was~

‘when I heard Babaji it was as if I was waiting to hear these words my entire life. It was as if he had not initiated me into something new but as if he and I were the same and Now finally we were back together’

So many good men are on this planet today , good men who are emphatic to nature , good men who can’t ignore a hungry animal or good man who want to make the world a better place. Good men who are stronger together then when alone.
Our guru is the one who has found all these good men and brought them together as a community of honest , spiritual and meditative beings , a community we call shiv yog.

True Divinity is when these highly conscious beings come together to meditate ,purify and evolve in a heaven created by their ascended master.

May all our prayers reach you , may all our Sadhna make the world a better place.

Love you bless you
Namah shivay

Ps- if you listen carefully you may hear the birds taking us deeper into Sadhna