Someone once told me that their kids don’t listen. My reply was if that was the case, why do big conglomerates spend millions pandering products to children. It’s children to whom fast food is marketed. It’s children to whom gadgets are marketed and it’s children who are seen as the biggest market for movies and music. The true statement should have been children listen, they just don’t reciprocate to you. They listen to those who invest in new ways to reach a young mind. They listen to those who see the young as a phenomena turning the tide of civilization itself and not to those who see them as a pot of volatile hormones. Children listen to the wise who want to teach rather then the hypocritical who preach.

The kids do not listen maybe because we are not talking to them but in them we talk to our own past. Evaluating them through our mistakes and desires, measuring their actions through our fallings. Maybe the lesson we need to learn is that our children are more than the sum total of our existence. Our children are not our reflections. They are us but they are more than us. They come from us but are not limited to our thinking. Their bodies may be dependent but their minds are always free.

We may feel that we gifted the child life but the truth remains the child was the greatest gift presented to us by god.

If we value and appreciate this gift, we create a nicer future. For, today’s child is tomorrow’s adult. A monkey does what a monkey sees. We learn our behavior through mimicking others. Imagine if we treated each member of our family as equals.
If one can’t play the flute don’t blame the flute, blame he who plays. Battles were won by kings who were barely ten. Young prodigies create art and music before they are teens.
Choice is ours. We may treat our young like Krishna and in turn help awaken the limitless within them or we can treat our children like fools.

The greatest tragedy in life is when a child starts to believe himself to be the name he is called. Shiv Yog believes in making victory out of this so called tragedy. For, if a child must believe we have the power to make them believe that they have the power to create their destiny. We can make them accept they have the power to change the world. The people who believe they can change the world are the ones who actually end up doing so.

You are taking care of your kids today but one day they will care for you. Let’s give the child a good example😊.
Today’s seed is tomorrow’s tree
Today’s cub is tomorrow’s lion
Today’s Shiv Yogi is tomorrow’s Shivanand 😉

Love you
Bless you
Namah Shivay