LAWS OF THE LIGHT – Scripture for children

Available to download free of charge in all forums from 10 December.

Shukracharya, one of the most powerful sage chose to be a guide to the Asuras whereas Brihaspati, another great sage chose to counsel the gods. Every great man or every tyrant has a teacher. The guru belongs to everyone, his knowledge is like the sun but still, a guru must decide which gentry he wishes to guide.

How a guru will portray himself will define what kind of a seeker will avail the distribution of nectar. A Guru is above wants, yet if he chooses to portray himself as an intellectual in expensive cars, talking fancy words then people who value simplicity will be left without guidance or if the saint chooses to make himself scarce by sitting high in the mountains then the weak will be at loss.

A guru always faces this conundrum on how to give form to the formless, how to define that which is infinite. Some saints use music as their tool whereas some use knowledge, some use meditation, whereas some utilize Bhakti and each method attracts a certain type of seeker but the fact remains the knowledge is far greater then what attracts.

Now the question that I ask myself is who am I? Who do I want to become? Who do I want to teach? And the answer comes:

I am a simple boy who was born and raised in a spiritual house by honest divine beings. I believe in the good in all men. I feel pain when an animal is hurt and I find happiness in feeding all beings. I respect and bow down to any and all that represent the almighty. I believe that life has more to offer than just the next model of phone and I believe all humans are born with a higher purpose. I believe in miracles and I believe that I am not alone. There has to be more good men out there who are just like me. The good people who want to help humanity. The optimistic, hopeful people who when see a saint do not look for faults yet try to squeeze out the wisdom, the crazy dreamers who imagine a utopian world and strive to make it a reality with their kindness and efforts.

My life’s purpose is to find these good men and help them become better. I know somewhere there’s a boy trying not to bend under peer pressure. The boy who doesn’t want to be intoxicated nor does he derive sadistic pleasure by objectifying women as mere trophies to be acquired. Somewhere there is a boy who believes in his inner power. The boy who is questioning his whole belief system as he finds himself to be different. The boy who when displays kindness or affinity towards divine is persecuted and called a bhakt or a blind follower. I want that boy to know , you are not alone. You are a good human being and your divine family exists. There are many people who resonate at your frequency and that there is no need to alter, edit or hide one’s true beauty.

I want to stand tall with that boy and show him the glory of meditation and self healing. Just like my guru found so many good people and brought them together, making them into one big family, so too I want to connect with the divinity in all beings and give it power when they are helpless.

I want to teach all who want to learn and I am ready to change my language and presentation of the knowledge for benefit of all seekers . My father taught me to value people above things hence For a musician I am ready to sing the wisdom, for a child I am ready to write comics, for the emotional I am ready to be sensitive and for the wise I will be intellectual.

The good in people must never be extinguished and I wish to be the keeper of that flame. Hence I keep working in my own ways, thinking of new means to reach that child who needs to be reassured about his divinity. In one such effort, I have made a scripture for the young to teach them powerful ancient modalities in a palatable and pleasing way.

I have made a modern scripture titled LAWS OF LIGHT for children.

I have put great effort to create this title and yes just a note to all, this title is free . A gift from Ishan bhaiya to your children.

Available to download in all forums from 10 December..

Help me spread the light to create a divine collective consciousness.

Love you
Bless you
Namah shivay