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One of my most beautiful child good memory involves my father. I was sitting alone with my immature problems thinking on how to tackle the next day when I saw my father walk in through the door. Like all fathers he could have given me great wisdom or Gyan or insincere parent bhashan but he didn’t. He just sat there and started talking to me about Wrestling . He had seen the wrestling stickers on my study table and chose to indulge me with a childish vernacular. He could have been a parent and told me what he wanted but he acted wise and gave me what I needed to hear.

I was happy then, the small extrinsic conversation we had melted away all my sorrows and gave me strength.

Communication is not always about talking but feeling, the one who truly listens always has the best things to say rather then the one who speaks just to drown his own inner noise.

My father never used tough words. He always knows what to say. I have seen him talking in punjabi to old women. I have seen him talking in Gujrati making the most serious medical faculty roll in childish delight. In fact Every possible language one can think my guru has conversed with someone in that language. Maybe in a foreign land or a alien situation when one wanted his mothers warmth he found that love in his gurus words.

From The divine The words are always simple. They disappear in ones soul like sugar is lost in milk.

I have witnessed all my life my guru breaking protocols and shattering barriers of vestigial belief.
Many shivyogies may feel baba belongs to their land. His love for all makes him speak our language.

Emulate within, his kindness.

Whenever I truly love a place even I walk my gurus path and create effort not just to sustain minds but to fill even hearts. Few weeks ago before NECTOR OF LIFE EUROPE some one requested me to record a message in German. I loved them hence for them I tried. I do not know how I sound but I know this when long ago I sat alone as a child my fathers words were my only shade in a scorching world.

For shivyogies I am ready to speak any language learn any slang and carry any accent just like my guru did before me. For he taught me even a mighty King becomes a horse for his little baby. There is no ego in love.
Like stars in a sky we are all different but same
Love you
Bless you
Namah shivay

Ps – I took this photo in Austria shiver August 2016 when during the prati prasav Babaji surprised us by appearing and taking over the shiver. The audio is a message which I had recorded for sadhaks from Castle ,Frankfurt and Austria