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All great beings were weaved in a common thread of being motivated to meditate, think out of the box, take a path less traversed and blaze the trail to accomplish what no one had.
Qualities that can easily be acquired and developed through the practice of meditation.
• Through the practice of meditation techniques learnt from the Himalayan masters we have the power to relax the human mind .
• Through collective meditation we can create the wisdom of happiness and achievement
• Through the addition of meditative practices we can reap all the dividends of this beautiful human birth.
Let us embark on this magnificent journey into the self to unlock the beautiful states of deep relaxation that lie within us all.
Gratitude and regards
I salute you and the infinity within you

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Professionals at the aerospace giant ‘Boeing’ boarded a flight to enlightenment as Shiv Yog Master Ishan Shivanand delivered a transformative discourse in November 2017 on mindful matter, explaining how meditation triggers sound sleep & adequate relaxation which in turn help a person derive more from his routine. The value of a quality rest is all the more in this age of information overload, gadget overuse & virtual reality emerging in an overarching role. The event was a resounding success with the gathering meditating, interacting & seeking a periodic rendezvous with the young mindfulness technique & meditation master.