Lot to learn from Pokemons, says the young master in a ‘chuckle-a-minute’ discourse, high on subtle messages

Namah shivay! Springing a surprise on Guru Purnima on Tuesday in South Africa, Ishan ji said here in Johannesburg that on Guru Purnima it was time to take a leaf out of Pokemons in that the popular cartoon creatures have a concept of evolution.

The spiritual icon lightened the solemn atmosphere prevalent in the sadhna Hall owing to the intense Advait Sri Vidya sadhna with his witty wise cracks and rib ticking jokes.

“No one was born Einstein No one was born Shivanand. Or for that matter, no one was born great. Every baby received the same opportunity. However some chose to remain as it is and some chose to mutate. It is with personal experience that I say that as a Shiv Yogi I have evolved. What you saw of me in the Sarpa Kriyas video of a decade back, I’m a changed person today. It is not only about me. It goes for all Shiv Yogis,” he said.

Drawing lessons from the current social trend of return of Pokemon cartoon creatures, the Siddha Son added: “Pokemons evolve. They never remain on the same level. They go up energy level and become more powerful. There is so much to learn from those cute creatures. They actually remind of the Mahrishis of the Himalayas, constantly upgrading their energy level. As the world is out to chase Pokemons, we too are chasing God. Just that the children are succeeding in their chase and we adults remain unfulfilled.”

The young father explained how we are what we are because of artificial selection and how choices govern what we make of ourselves from the tiny baby we were born as.

Continuing his reference to Pokemons, the decorated awardee of major accolades in USA said that we must also learn what not to do from Pokemons. “One characteristic of Pokemons is that they can only take their own name. Likewise, as people with certain traits and energy levels, we either keep uttering negativity or positivity. If we are the Pokemons of negativity, we will keep emitting negativity. Mindful we must be, then, of what kind of a human being we are,” he said.

Ishan ji also stated that the destination of every human being is same. He said: “Every person you see around you will die, including yourself. The only difference is the quality of your journey. It is like the difference between Economy class and Business class in an aeroplane. Destination remains the same. But the quality of travel matters. So if you have to travel anyways, reach the destination anyways, why not travel the best, why not reach the destination with happiness and evolution.”

Finally, Ishan ji summed up his brief session with affirmations centred on gratitude and Shiv Yogi pride.

“Thank the one whose made your journey more comfortable, your journey more divine and directed you to be a person who the real you always wanted to become. Thank the Guide, the Master, the Guru for all the miracles that you have experienced so far, are experiencing in the present and the miracles which will manifest from today,” he concluded.