A wild dog once strolled in front of the ashram. It had a big needle sticking out of its foot. I tried to help the dog but the dog became aggressive and bit me. I became very angry as I was the one trying to help. I would not have gained at all from this gesture yet the dog attacked. A part of me wanted to kick the dog but another part said forgive and help for the dog does not know.

I ended up getting rabies injections but I was happy as in my heart I had helped a beast.

Look at the life of any saint and it is filled with the saint being mauled, bullied and battered by ignorant beasts in the form of man. One would think why would a saint with phenomenal power not disintegrate at what seems to be his enemy. The saint continues for it is his nature.

Why a saint ? A mother can be unconditional, never being angry at her child secreting bodily fluids on her each day, she accepts the child’s nature and continues.

A wife can be unconditional, accepting the tantrums of her overgrown man child husband.

How beautiful if men could realize who wishes to help.

Someone told me humans are violent and ungrateful by nature. He said look at our close relationships, during fights we forget all the good things and remember and react to the worst. We don’t consider the repercussions yet a father may become violent to his own children and a person may wish to break or harm spouse.

Countless battles and wars being waged in front lines and in courtrooms, each party a victim in its own right but understand that no one wins in wars. Lawyers or arms dealers or media may profit but no one wins war for war is always unfair. One is either fighting with its superior to be crushed indiscriminately or one fights with inferiors who may use any tactic.

Just for a moment think about Duryodhan. He was getting a good deal, all he had to do was give five villages to the Pandavs and war could be averted. Yet Duryodhan could not accept victory without war. He picked up the smallest reasons to fight. He became like the dog trying to bite the hand that was trying to feed him. Even Lord Krishna was seen as an enemy. An unwinnable war with an inevitable outcome being complete obliteration.

Should one go to war? Should one forgive? It is easy to war specially with the ones who love us the most. The greatest love creates powerful hate and greatest longing is filled with rage but remember the outcome of war. There are never victors just survivors.

The warrior within will guide one to be right, the warrior may say one has the power to blast, the warrior guides for battle.

There is still a way, the warrior is important, he should be taught, “choose your opponent.”

Never the beast, specially the one you were willing to help, accept to be bitten a few times. It is easy to interpret sorrow as threat.

Never the weak for in crushing them there is no honor.

Never the warring, for the one who is already at war does not care to fight another battle, for them war is a game.

The only worthy opponent is your own self. The fight of equals, the fight to gain. Remember the self is feisty and slippery, the self creates countless illusions. Still to kill the beast, you wish to help is a loss in its own self.

Always remember victory lies on the side of virtuous. And virtuous only battle with the self.

All this is nice, yet personally I wish for a day when I pull the needle and the dog comes to lick my hand. I wish for a day when the dog realizes who it’s true champion really is. I wish that a day come when the dog stops biting the hand that caress only and only for the dog.

I pray to god give me the strength to help the needy

I pray to god give me the patience to handle weak of mind

I pray to god either make me a warrior or a saint to forever end the inner turmoil.

If you choose me to be a warrior, grant me victory. If you choose me to be a saint, grant me peace.

Grant me the blessings of gratitude purveyed and received.

Let my language be soft like graphite and ears be hard like diamond.

Love you
Bless you
Namah Shivay