Intensive Prati Prasav USA 2019 - Meditation pack

"The Physical phase includes the triple stages of Deepening,
Activation and Purification"

- Ishan Shivanand

About Intensive Prati Prasav

The scared sadhna of Intensive Prati Prasav is an ancient meditative science allowing an individual to break free of past emotional bondages and create a life of his liking. Imparting initiation and training to sadhaks in this divine process is Young Visionary Ishan Shivanand who has himself learnt and mastered these detox rejuvenation mechanisms first hand from a Self Realised Himalayan Guru and Cosmic Scientist Dr Avdhoot Shivanand.

To make this entire process rigorous, effective and long lasting, participants are encouraged to practice these sadhnas, powerful breathwork and special Yogic Kriyas long after and only after learning them in the physical presence of Ishan ji.

Who are these Sadhnas (not) meant for?

Those seekers or spiritual enthusiasts who did not attend this event should not do these meditations owing to a number of reasons. Firstly, the energy encompassed in these processes has to be settled and established within an individual, which is done by Ishan ji during the physical programme. Secondly, an individual trying these critical Kundalini sadhnas at home may run into unwanted behavioural patterns. Thirdly, the module has been created as a step wise process, which has to run in a specific order, failing which the desired results would not be achieved.

Non attendees would not be able to experience the true benefits of these sadhnas because of reasons stated above.

About the Meditation Offerings


The Shiv Yog Nidra for overall peace, relaxation & well-being

Sleeping Duty Meditation is a seven-part series specially devised for the peace seeker to ‘switch off’ from the information overload, stress, tension, discord and worry of his daily life before he hits the bed every night. Tested on a pilot basis as a social media give away, the series is globally appreciated, universally acclaimed, internationally cherished and is hailed as the one-of-its-kind ‘cosmic lullaby’.

Brain child of Healing Master Ishan Shivanand, The Sleeping Duty series is a revolutionary meditative innovation, a need of the hour in these fast-paced times, a holistic marvel and a boon for all individuals looking to actually experience SLEEP like it is ideally meant to be.

Some of the benefits reported by the practitioners and followers of the Sleeping Duty routine are: (based on a worldwide survey & feedback)

DURATION: 20 mins
FOR: All age groups
BEST TIME TO PRACTICE: Just before sleeping at night

FAMILY FUEL with Ishan Shivanand

A family that prays together stays together. Refine your soul group’s collective consciousness and enhance the combined energy with this synergistic meditation offering, binding you and your loved ones with the glue of divinity.

FOR: Entire family
BEST TIME TO PRACTICE: Do it collectively with family after weekly Shiv Yog Forum

CHILD CRYSTAL with Ishan Shivanand

Nurture your child as a dynamically radiant Himalayan crystal. Offer the gift of divine radiance to your children and see them meditate, radiate and achieve. This meditation will not only illuminate and ignite the young minds but also activate their innate potential so they excel at studies, emotional challenges, extra-curricular activities and become directors of their life in their crucial formative years.

FOR: Growing children, students
BEST TIME TO PRACTICE: Preferably in the morning


with Young Visionary Ishan Shivanand from the sacred lineage of Shiv Yog of Immortals

The meditation of Prati Prasav is the highest cognitive therapy known to meditators. It is the meditative process of sacred Vedic re-birthing wherein an individual removes layers upon layers of karmic imprints, emotional and mental toxins in the consciousness. With every consequent meditation, a seeker moves on to the path of becoming a better version of himself. The meditation of Intensive Prati Prasav is about acknowledging (REALIZE) the undesirable emotions, feelings, fears, phobias, traumas in life, getting rid of them through conscious breathwork and meditative detox (RELEASE) and finally re-scripting one’s life story (REWRITE) or destiny as some call it.

Some tangible benefits of performing this meditation consistently include better sleep, a peaceful mind and a relaxed state of being, stress release and long-lasting results on the health of the body, success at work, loving relationships

DURATION: 1 hour
FOR: Adults and attendees of a physical such programme
BEST TIME TO PRACTICE: Preferably in the morning


Namah shivay! This is a limited edition and limited duration page which is opened on special request for the benefit of those participants of Intensive Prati Prasav Sadhna #withIshanShivanand who could not make a physical purchase in the shivir. Please note and be mindful of the fact that this page and the meditations hosted here will not be available after 20th January 2020.