Intensive Prati Prasav Meditation

Shiv Yog Intensive Prati Prasav sadhna is the higher phase among the chain of meditations termed as Prati Prasav sadhnas. This sadhna  is the deep meditative process which involves an Energy Master – who has knowledge of subtle bodies and of the meditative processes that trigger negativity – manoeuvring immensely powerful energy at the seeker facilitating the seeker to release his pent-up emotions, fears, traumas, phobias and deep rooted negativity.

In the current state of existence, the prevailing conditions are such that life is full of stress, emotional turmoil, chronic problems and poignancy. This has resulted in significant reduction in man living life to its fullest. There is also a wide gap between what man is capable of and what man is currently experiencing in terms of health, relationships, prosperity and overall well-being. Cosmic Science Maestro Avdhoot Shivanand ji however says that the inherent potential in man can be fully activated at any stage in life if the backlog of negativity can be erased after seeking energy initiation from an Awakened Master.

The process of Shiv Yog Intensive Prati Prasav thus involves undoing the past misery to remedy the present and future.  It involves firstly the activation of the emotional centres at the physical and subtle level through easy to follow respiratory mechanisms, subtle yogic movements and other physical actions. This lays the foundation for the release process of negative emotions in that it brings the emotions to the surface. After the activation of the emotional centres, the seeker is now ready to receive the energy and let go of the hurdles at a subtle level which are the root cause of physical misery.

With the grace of Shiv Yog Guru Dr Avdhoot Shivanand, Ishan Shivanand ji is facilitating the release of millions around the globe and facilitating them to lead a life free of stress, disease and compromised living.

Shiv Yog Intensive Prati Prasav is the ideal precursor as a preparatory exercise before learning the higher meditations which revolve around raising the consciousness to be imparted at various places in the months to come.