As an individual on the journey to success, always ask yourself these three questions


1. How is my work helping the people of the world?

2. How is my work helping nature?

3. How is the work that I am doing making me a better person?


I wish to explain to you that if your work is helping people, then automatically you will be a successful being. If your product or service or anything that you may be offering is something that is bringing peace, happiness and convenience to people’s lives or is instilling kindness in people’s hearts, if what you are doing is making the world a better place, then automatically there will be a demand for what you are delivering.


Anything Mother Nature gives you, it is not a sort of inheritance from the earth. It is rather given to you with the responsibility of a caregiver, a keeper of this beautiful planet. You are empowered as someone who will sustain this bounty for generations to come.


You can understand this better with the analogy of a rented apartment. Whenever you become a tenant, you don’t start peeing or excreting everywhere knowing that one day you have to eventually exit the place. The approach is, I inhabit a clean house and I will vacate a clean premises for the next occupant. In the same manner, ask yourself all the work that you are doing, how is it benefitting mother nature? Are you taking care of your environment? Are you creating a legacy for the posterity? And finally, nay most importantly,  how is the work that I am doing making me a better person? What’s the point in being a candle where you light up the world every day whilst dwindling yourself every day, bit by bit. Rather it should be reverse. You brighten lives and your life too must illuminate with richness of health, happiness and peace.


You should learn to work in such a manner that the light from candle becomes an inferno and growing from that it becomes the light of the cosmos. You must inculcate a work ethic which creates an opportunity to ensure that the work you do results in the expansion and progress of your outer resume and inner resume, the resume of sustainable development, the biodata of compassion.